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I come forward to tell of the passing of my father, the PEDOPHILE Rogério Nonnenmacher.
I accept and respect that people send condolecences to my relatives, as happened in a Facebook family post, in which I was initially included. However, I would like to clarify that I do NOT include myself within people who are sorry for his departure from this life.

In my hearth, he already died many years ago, when he destroyed my innocence and the dream I used to have of a father I could love.

Yes I feel pain, but for the destruction he caused in my life, in my family and in the lives of other people.
But, I do not share the wishes intended for him to be hosted by the divine love, or that he could meet other people of good spirit in the celestial living, because what he did to us is far from being called love and of being a father. To acknowledge that Rogério Nonnenmacher was a good man, would be disrespectful to those who also left this life and who did good.
He presented himself as a good politician, so he could be seen above any suspicious about the horrors he did to his own children. He used to help other people, to create a  network of trust, with the intention of getting close to other people's children.

I do not believe in the salvation of his soul, neither that he had regret  the evil he did in this life.

Independently if he realised or not his wrong doings in his last hour, he certainly will have to pay and to correct the sins of this life in the next one.

I cannot believe that monsters who abuse children would have the same divine hosting of their victims! Is this is the way, the "heavenly home" is the last place I want to go when I leave this life too!
If there is a God who is fair, He should have compassion of his spirit, for the grave errors that Rogerio Nonnenmacher will have to pay because, the one who will be waiting for him can only be the Devil!



Certainly,  lots of people who never had a pedophile in their family or, those who never made any efforts to save a child from the claws of  these predators, and those who cover up for pedophiles and who go to church every Sunday, will say that I should forgive...But they should know that, I forgave my father many times in the past, because I was DELUDED about the lies he used to tell about having changed. And he proved to me for many times that to forgive him was a waste of my good intentions, because every time I did it, he kept abusing again of other victims.

I learned along the years that, forgiveness does not mean the reconciliation that religious suggest, but LETTING GO from our lives those people and things that are not of use anymore in our lives.
So, along the times I forgave many people, including my father and also those who turned their backs to me and who betrayed my trust.

I realise now again, how good it was to leave Brazil for good many years ago because, when pedophiles die, there are people who still remember more about the qualities they imagine that those predators had, than the destruction they caused.
Having to live with those who have  this type of mentality, makes me sick in my stomach!
Even more sad is to realise that, even after his dead, Rogério Nonnenmacher keep causing DISCORD within family members, since I was blocked in Facebook when I tried to express myself. I had to revisit painful memories of the past, when I fell like I was GAGGED to keep in silence, just because I reminded people of the type of man my father was!
While there are so many family members who still fell SHAME about  others getting to know who really was our father, I feel FREE to talk about it in the other side of the planet!






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