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Rogério Nonnenmacher was in an Age Care Clinic in the State Capital of Porto Alegre for several years and he died during the night of 27  February 2021.


He received parole in 2009 for his  almost 15 years sentence due to his hineous crimes. He was one of the many pedophiles who got his sentence in 2006, with such a garantee of freedom benefit for GOOD BEHAVIOUR IN PRISON. 

Besides my request to the psychiatrist of the Criminal Forensic Prison Institute in 2004, to hold my father in jail, and to never be released, the Federal Superior Court of Brasilia,  allowed his sentence to be reduced to 1/6 of jail time in 2009, when he could go out and just sleep in jail.  So since then, he was free to interact with people, with the conscent of the Brazilian justice, to be free to abuse sexually of children again and to manupulate those around him.


Rogério Nonnenmacher, who had developed Parkinson disease and was having respiratory problems, got infected by COVID in the Age Care clinic where he was being care for. He got COVID, BESIDES he received the TWO SHOTS of the COVID VACCINES.

He became very sick after the seccond jab and he died few days later in the same week.

Yes, the VACCINES did KILLED him!



I feel sorry for those who did not deserve to lose their love ones who never did anything bad to other people.

Meanwhile for others, COVID virus has been a BLESSING!


Fortunatelly, my father was another PEDOPHILE who died, so now the  CHILDREN can live in PEACE!





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