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Besides the interest of many journalists, to cover the confirmation of abuses committed by Rogério Nonnenmacher, as I requested in this site, it did not take long to happen repression to disclose the facts to the public.

At first, the police investigation required discretion and protection of information, to avoid obstruction in the obtaining of proofs or distortions of the truth, which I agree that it was necessary during some time.

Second, there is the justification that while the accuser is not condemned, his name cannot be released to the public, although I was warned by many people that they had no obstruction to have visual access to documents of the law suit, in the Court House of Lajeado.

It is outrageous the incoherence and lack of skills, the way that Brazilian justice conducts law suits, by denying the community the right to have their say and to participate, in claiming failures in the legislation. At the same time, the justice system itself exposes victim's and witness’s personal data, causing embarrassments and jeopardising the safety to these people, by allowing the invasion of their privacy by strangers who get access to statements.


Besides this, I had contact with specialists, from whom I got to know that there are groups of studies in the public prosecution state department, which analyses case studies and their social repercussions, to try to improve the legal system.

It is however, up to society to claim such improvements, charging  and speaking out about government decisions that do not meet people’s interests, because we have to remind ourselves that authorities should WORK FOR THE PEOPLE, and have the duty to serve the population who pay their wages through taxes.

It was because of the authority’s “lack of interest”, specifically from the public prosecution, that the first accusations against Rogério Nonnenmacher were overlooked in the past, and because of that he stayed free to keep committing his crimes. In my opinion, people who should have taken action at that time and did not do it, should step down from their positions and have their name brought to the public, because today these same people could be causing the same type of negligence to other cases or in other cities where they are working.

Also, people should confront their federal congress representatives, to demand changes, which today puts Brazil in a shameful example, even internationally, due to the abuse of power in all spheres. Electoral crowds should have this in mind, especially when it is time for elections, because the lack of hope people feel, due to a lack of justice, is one of the biggest reasons of the chaos Brazil is in today.


The press tried to do its share. However, I was informed that there were blackmails and pressures from people interested in covering up the case.

According to some journalists who had good intentions, which many of them I talked to, they were advised not to bring up the name of the pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher in the media. News about pedophilia, that previously used to mention the names of the abusers of less favored social classes, suddenly started claiming the omission of such names as a an ethic position of some newspapers.

However, after several months had passed, Zero Hora newspaper, from Porto Alegre, showed news about another retired justice prosecutor, from Erechim City in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, who had been under preventive arrest too, because of child sexual abuse, and telling that he would also be in a special prison cell. In this case, the press had no problems to mention his full name, without constraints, even thought he has also not being judged yet. The news can be found through the above mentioned Brazilian newspaper publications 14241 of 19/08/2004 and 14507 of 13/05/2005, connecting to the paper electronic addresses below:






What does exist behind so much secrecy about the publication of the name of Rogério Nonnenmacher in the media? Money. Lots of Money.

Money and power, important names and a lot of shame have silenced some of the biggest frauds of history. The dispute for leadership, economic power and political world power, promoted one of the biggest lies of the century, making people believe that man has gone to the moon in 1969!

Abuse of economic power is one of the reasons that justice is not provided by suitable legislation, funds and staff efficiently trained to protect people from having to live with such types of criminals.

The fact that there is so much pressure to hide the name of Rogério Nonnenmacher, is not only because of the importance of his name as a public person and as an authority which he was, but because of the repercussion of names linked to him.

There are people of great economic power trying to avoid the name of Rogerio Nonnenmacher to be exposed in the media, especially to beyond the boundaries of the cities of Estrela and Lajeado.

The truth is, he is not the one who has so much importance in this hide and seek game, but some people who will be in a very embarrassed situation when the big public will know of the links and involvements in the obstruction of justice, by people who are protecting and financing the defense of such a pedophile.


One of our cousins, who is a federal judge, whose name I intend to mention in the future, took advantage of her position to reprehend an authority who had performed the positional duties with honorable example in the gathering of the facts. This judge, decided to interfere, by reprehending media publications, with the objective of silencing information that the public should have the RIGHT to know. She, as a relative, was also not capable to offer her support to the victims who are seeking justice, nor was she capable to manifest any disgust for the crimes that at that stage were already confirmed by police investigations, but she did not hesitate in using her legal power to try to cover up the link and the involvement of her family’s name to a scandal.


It is widely known especially in Brazil, that even deputies, who try to promote changes, have found difficulties to expose their pedophile colleagues and other important names linked to economic power. Many of them end up having their accusations and projects sabotaged by their opponents, as it has happened with the south of Brazil’s Deputy Maria do Rosario. She is only scratching the surface of the problem and she has found so many problems and obstructions to protect victims and to punish abusers.

Besides this, what can we say about a society that covers in its families core the stain of incest, as it happens in alarming scales protected by a hyper sexualized culture, as we find in Brazil, where people end up accepting all this as something normal?


So, besides being arrested as a preventive procedure, on the 19th August 2004, in Women’s Police Station of Lajeado, all the media was allowed to publish regarding the arrest were short notes, referring to a 70 year old retired man who was arrested and taken to the police palace in Porto Alegre, from where he is awaiting judgment.



The main obstacle encountered so far, to get Rogério Nonnenmacher condemnation, has been the withdrawal of victims, who due to fear, are still not able to free themselves from the bad influence and dominance of the abuser.

Besides the confirmation of the existence of other victims in the past, only the confirmation of those who are still under the law’s protection can be used to condemn Rogério Nonnenmacher.

The stress caused to all those who try to seek justice, has been enormous. Witnesses had and have still been harassed by those who keep protecting and defending such a pedophile.

There are those who think that they have the right to hind us from claiming justice, to emotionally blackmail us and also to misuse religious teachings to avoid that Rogério Nonnenmacher receives what he deserves.

During all this time, we had confronted the harshness of those for whom we used to feel affection and that today resist in supporting us to put an end to such abuses, as we find from our aunties (our father’s sisters) and cousins who fill up busses to go visit him in jail, in the police palace in Porto Alegre.

Unfortunately, these people still cannot free themselves from the brainwashing that the abuser has been doing to them during all these years, making it very difficult to change their way of thinking at this stage of their lives.

I got to know that, even some people who are considered mentally fit, and who went to visit Rogério Nonnenmacher, left from his prison cell confused about the truth of the accusations. This shows how people cannot perceive the mental manipulations that Rogério Nonnenmacher does with people’s minds. Can you imagine how children or teenagers can resist his influences, if even educated adults are still susceptible to fall under his influence? The worst is that people still cannot believe in the obvious and all this still happens after people knowing about police confirmations of the existence of so many other victims.

People who always knew about the abuses and kept corroborating with the pedophile, leaving us exposed to our own luck, without any help, have the guts to promote threats, to criticize and to misinterpret facts, thinking that they are in the position of denying us the right to claim damages and the pain we suffered because of the abuses.

Because of the attitude of these people, who today still support Rogério Nonnenmacher, I got to the conclusion that it was not because of ignorance that the abuses were extended for so may years, but because of cowardness, selfishness and why not to admit, even sadism.

Giving Rogério Nonnenmacher the right to receive visitation, he takes the chance to doctrine and to promote terrorism against those who claim the truth. One of my brothers, who I also intend to mention his name in the future, is making himself available as a “message boy” for Rogério Nonnenmacher. He came to confront me, while I was in Brazil, to verbally abuse me, to make blackmails and to direct offences to me. His words, were a perfect replay in the way our father used to abuse us emotionally at home, when he used to repress and reprehend us, putting us down and denying us any rights to claim the crimes he used to commit against us, as well as to hind us from thinking free from him. This brother, unfortunately, has been a perfect student, learning inclusively how to be nasty and authoritative as our father has always been. I fear for the children he might have in the future.

The inversion of values of this brother, the other sisters who deny the abuses, our aunties, uncles and cousins who still support Rogério Nonnenmacher, show how much these people truly have the need to prove their own innocence to themselves. Many of those, having been victims of the one they protect, cannot forgive themselves, due to the strong feelings of guilt that is still stuck in them. So, all they can do is to try to deny the facts so as not to feel the shame they carry.



Unfortunately, we lost the support of people who I have tried exhaustively to free from the influence of the abuser, without success to the present moment. One can only offer help to those who want to fight to free themselves from another’s control and there is nothing that can be done for those who do not want it or who allege they cannot do it, especially while they keep being manipulated by someone like Rogério Nonnenmacher.

The fact is that, when a person protects somebody who has committed a crime against others or against him or herself, this person does it for love, due to  fear or because of feelings of guilt.


One of the victims, who I helped in the past, to get set temporarily free from our father sexual abuses, was corrupted with a “will” in which she became Rogério Nonnenmacher’s main heir. With the illusion that she is loved, she has been manipulated with promises and financial rewards; to deny to the  authorities, abuses she suffered from our father. This victim, with the help of my father’s sisters, has also helped to corrupt another victim, who has been blackmailed since the beginning of the investigations, making this victim feel guilty in relations to our father's possible condemnation.


On the other hand, all those who claim being abused or who are a witness against Rogério Nonnenmacher, were excluded from his will, as a punishment for claiming the truth. The same punishing games and blackmails he used to do against us when we were children, to force us to do what HE wanted, he repeats today.

Fortunately, for those who decided to choose truth, justice and integrity are above money and appearances.  There is no amount of money that will reverse the destruction that has been done to us, nor to recover the trust in those who betrayed us. Justice is what matters to us, and this is translated into the final imprisonment of Rogério Nonnenmacher.


To those who betrayed us, the only thing that is left, is the time that these people, who have chosen to protect the abuser, need to elaborate their internal conflicts. This can take many years or maybe it will never happen.

Even though it results into broken relationships, my choice and these people’s choices are the rights of each one of us. Only the person herself or himself can solve her or his own problems, and it is not up to others to appoint the best way to deal with them. We can limit ourselves to question, show the way we found helpful for us and even offer help and support, but it is not up to us to make other peoples decisions, nor to tolerate their hostility and aggressiveness. I also cannot keep living in harmony with those who I cannot trust anymore. Nor can I hope these people wanting to have a relationship with me in the same way they cannot expect the same from me. Something very important is gone: TRUST.



It is not the accusations I made, that should be the reason of these people’s shame, but the choice they made to support a pedophile, as well as the cruelty of their own attitude to survivors who claim justice.  





  FIG-1*_ The image below, shows the news of local newspaper "O Informativo" (The Informative), at the time of the hearing for the Criminal Justice Courts of Lajeado, when several family members and relatives went to be witnesses for the defence and support of the  pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher.









Taquari Valey - State of Rio Grande do Sul



Lajeado, Friday, 03 July 2003 - Year XXXVI - Edition Number 7760




Accusation of abuse.

Retired justice prosecutor had his criminal hearing.

By Emilio Rotta


Estrela - The  71 y.o. retired justice prosecutor from Estrela, accused of abusing sexually of family members, was present yesterday in his hearing in the Court  House of Estrela. His sisters and other witnesses presented their statements in the 1st Court House Department during eight hours.

The accused was brought in by the Special Operations Squad from the Police of the State capital Porto Alegre and he looked calm and said: "I have nothing to declare, I don't want to comment on the matter", he resumed while he walked down the stairs to meet relatives who were waiting outside.

After emotional hugs, the former justice prosecutor was conducted to the Police Van, and taken back to Porto Alegre Police State Prison, where he will be waiting for the decision of Judge Luciana Torres Schneider about his situation.

Few weeks ago the retired prosecutor had his imprisonment cancelled by the Second Court Department Judge Ramiro Cardoso.

In the occasion the Judge informed that his decision was made upon the fact that two of the supposed victims in the town (two daughters, one is a minor and the other is an adult) named in the accusation did not confirmed the abuses in their statements. The accused was also named for another case of abuse in the city of Estrela, which also involves another daughter 12 y.o.


"He is an extremely kind person", said relatives of the accused who were yesterday in the Court hearings in Estrela and who left by 4:30 pm, feeling sad and revolted. "It is an injustice what is being done to him", said a woman. "Even the statement of one of the girls given to Police Sherif Marcia Scherer from the Women Police Station and responsible for the investigations, was forced. They said that she went to the police voluntary when the truth was that she was taken out of the class room by the police, the woman confirmed.

Relatives garantee that only one daughter who lives overseas and one son are accusing their father. Other family members, according them, are defending  him. "All this fight is about inheritance. He (the accused) has always been a father, a brother, and a great friend of all us. He is an extremely kind person."


Photo by Graziela Muniz


Hugs from relatives: caring after ten months of imprisonment.





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