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Since the release of my denounce campaign, about sexual abuses committed by my father, Rogério Nonnenmacher, many things have happened in Brazil.

The majority of people living outside the community, where the court cases are happening, do not know yet the repercussion of facts since the release of this site, because I remained silent for a while, in respect for the authority’s request, during investigations and legal ongoing procedures for the judgement of my father’s pedophilia crimes.


Once “Pandora’s Box” was opened and secrets that were hidden and considered shameful were unveiled, this brought clarification to those who did not have an idea relating to the matter and also brought many answers for those who were seeking them. At the same time, it has unmasked a serial pedophile and the existence of people who help to perpetuate such crimes.



As a consequence, many things happened for good, like the mobilization and recognition of accusations by legal authorities and police involvement, confirming the existence of many other victims of Rogério Nonnenmacher.

The communities of Taquari River, where the majority of my family lives in Brazil, had the opportunity to learn that the biggest danger can be, often, within their own families and that such a thing can happen to anyone.

As recognition of this, many people had the good will and courage to help to promote this site and to claim for justice.


Due to repercussions of my denounce, I went to Brazil from October to November of 2004. I did voluntary legal statements, to confirm to authorities the affirmations presented in this site. Apart from that, it was equally important to be back to the country which I once left at the time feeling lack of hope, to show to others that people like myself have no reason to hide. My attitude was to try to encourage all those who suffered child sexual abuse, and also to confirm in public that we are not the ones who should feel shame, but the abusers and those who choose to help to protect such crimes.


I believe that my return and active participation in the rescue of a distorted image that victims have about themselves, as well as my effort to open the minds of those who feel “horror” to deal with such a subject, opened a new perspective to many of them.

I received a lot of emotional support and respect from those who were willing to collaborate, to put an end to this type of violence. I was happy to meet with so many people who acknowledge the benefits that this will bring to their community.




A very positive thing was also the interest of professionals of health, social workers, legal and educational areas and from the local media, with serious intentions of helping to open the way to clarifications, hope and justice for those who suffered the same type of abuses. The attitude of such professionals can help a lot, people who were abused and who never expected that they could recover their dignity or to deserve respect because they had emotional problems as a result of such abuses. I am an example of this. 


There were those who did not hesitate to participate, in meetings to discuss such issues, in radio talk shows, to mobilize a public street march for awareness against child sexual abuse and to participate in the public debate “Sexual Violence - A Community Awareness”.

The day we had the street march could not have been more suitable for the theme, as it rained all the time. Such a grey day, with a crying sky, did not hind us from going out in the street, to claim against a subject even sadder.

I want to present my recognition to people’s caring, the support of entities and business which were willing to help to promote, educate and fight child sexual abuse, especially to Nucleo Psychology Consultants, Radio Tropical FM from Lajeado, The Federal University of State of Rio Grande do Sul, Recria, The County Education Secretary of Lajeado, newspapers which covered the events, sponsors and so many people in the community.

I want to thank also those who support, but who choose to keep discreet, and those who cheered in silence, so we can reverse such a tragedy into something constructive.




FIG-1*_The image is from one of the major newspapers of the State ZERO HORA, registered breaf note only about this first of the kind event, which had more than a hundred people in the march.









PORTO ALEGRE, WEDNESDAY, 10/11/2004 /pg 43

Aline Custodio/ ZH



Under strong rain, dozen of people joined the march in disgust to sexual violence, in Lajeado, in the Taquari Valley, in the end of the day yesterday. The manifestation had the intention to create community awareness  for such a theme.

At night, a group  of specialists participated in a debate Sexual Violence: an Alert to the Community, in the events room  of Unishopping.

According to the Women's Police Station of Lajeado, only this year 12 rapists and abusers and other 34 cases of rape and sexual abuse are under investigations. in the county.

One of the major cases became public three months ago, when a 70 y.o. retiree, from Estrela , was arrested for violent indecent acts.

Eight months earlier one of the daughters of the accused, created a website on the internet, telling about the sexual perversions of her father. He remains in a prison cell of the Special Group Operations (GOE), in the Palace of Police, in Porto Alegre.


NOTE of the website author:

If you understand Portuguese, you can read more about the matter in the local newspapers page, by clicking on the image above.

Transations of newspapers are on the works for further release.




There were those who were willing to collaborate, as soon as the public prosecution decided to take action regarding the accusations presented by myself, as I mentioned in a previous note of recognition published in this site.

Within people who supported me, the most beautiful thing that happened, was the reconciliation with two, of many of my sisters, who decided to bet on the truth.

Like them, other people who used to believe that Rogério Nonnenmacher had stop abusing children sexually, also gave up their illusion and decided to put an end to so many lies and manipulations.

We had also the support and collaboration received from one of my mother’s sisters, who previously wanted to support us, but was repressed by her husband to do so. Her participation was highly appreciated and extremely important as an evidence of the extent of time that Rogério Nonnemacher has been committing such type of crimes, even before I was born.

These people decided to believe in changes for the best.     


However, Brazilian legislation does not accept my auntie’s statement of confirmation of abuse, nor recognized my own and other sister’s, because we surpassed the legal age, to claim sexual abuses in order to condemn Rogério Nonnenmacher as a pedophile.

Besides this, Brazil’s current legislation cannot change what Rogério Nonnenmacher did, neither will it be able to hind him from doing what he does, because what he is nobody can change.


There are in challenging moments like these, that we also get to know, who are the ones that we are related to, with whom we spent most of our lives and who we used to call family. We get to know then, who are the people we can trust and who are the ones who do not hesitate to keep trying to destroy us.



I want to thank also, some of my relatives who had the dignity to offer support, by manifesting disgust to the violence that we went through, in their free will to place messages in the “Guestbook-2004”, as well as all those relatives who offered solidarity when I was I Brazil last year.

Since then, within Rogério Nonnenmacher relatives, the ones from farther sanguinity were the ones who offered sympathy to us, as well as some few who are not under his domain from long ago. Because these people are not directly involved in Rogerio Nonnenmacher’s controlling net, they did not feel constraints, because they are not committed to, nor corrupt by this abuser.

People who did not have their opinions of “right and wrong” distorted, can perceive with clarity acceptable limits of behaviour, to themselves and to others.


It is not the ones who have Nonnenmacher as a surname who should feel shame, but the ones who are a stain in our name, like Rogério Nonnenmacher.






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