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-People should be looking at people's attitude towards pedophilia and not just to the fact that somebody belongs to a pedophile’s family.

-Educate yourselves and understand about what involves child sexual abuse.

 Do not confuse sexual abuse with a healthy demonstration of love for children. Do not stop hugs, kisses and affection because of pedophilia. Children need homes with lots of loving bonds to grow happy and healthy, so they can learn to be loving partners and parents, as adults in the future. What people need to learn are behavioral limits between healthy relationships and child sexual abuse.

-Please, do not be prejudice against the victims or survivors. It was not their fault. Consider that you could find out sometime in your life that somebody you love was abused or had suffered the consequences of being involved with this type of violence. Do you remember the statistics? You could also find out yourself, one day that you had been abused through memory recovery…

-Welcome and be understanding to survivors in your community. They had suffered enough in life.

Help to educate people for that fact that there should not be a reason for prejudice against victims of child sexual abuse because it can happen to anybody in times when we are small and vulnerable. It can happen in the same way that people can suffer other types of assault or aggression! Usually, nobody gets ashamed to tell another person if they got their wallets or car robbed, do they? People have even run tips and educational campaigns to help avoid this from happening. The same rules could be applied to deal with child sexual abuse. 

-Help to promote support for victims of child sexual abuse in your community. By supporting victims of child sexual abuse, you will be helping in the healing process and education of communities to achieve understanding and prevention of new children from becoming victims.

-Help to prevent child sexual abuse to avoid the problem to get perpetuated through future generations. This can be a job of public conciousness, where a group action is for the benefits of this community. It is proven that people that had emotionally healthy childhood, are happier and because of that, they learn better, relate better to other people and develop a community with a better social life, politics and economy.

Child sexual abuse is today known as one of many types of domestic violence that is today known as a reason that drives millions of children in poverty to run away from their homes and become street kids. As we all know, these kids grow up in a re-abusive cycle that keeps increasing violence in many levels and this is becoming like an uncontrollable cancer, especially in the slums.

What most people do not realize is that the same thing happens also in families of other financial levels, but nobody gets to know about it because rarely these children would run away from home or make it public, as they would have a lot to loose in comparison to people that live in poverty. The abuse in higher segments of society has been spread ahead to next generations but it is not visible, because of covered up attitudes by family members.

So, the problem is the same and what happened to me is the proof of it. As exposed before, it can happen to anybody in any family. The only difference is the level of exposure.

As statistics shown today are based on a sample that is mostly of people that live in poverty, could we imagine what would be the real numbers, if most people would not hide behind the shame? The reality could be found to be of epidemic proportions! How can it be that so many cases could exist and that so many fathers get into abusing their own daughters?

It is important that people also start looking at educating their children for the problem, as well as being aware of this when somebody gets into a relationship. How can you be sure that the man you have chosen to be the father of your children can be trusted to respect and protect them?





-Please, do not treat the matter just as a sensationalist story, just to sell papers or to attract TV viewers. Your attitude can help or destroy the ones that have suffered so much in life. Be sensitive, fair and respectful to the innocents.

-Do not assume or speculate things before knowing the facts. Learn yourself about this type of problem first. You can help a lot, by using media to educate people and also charging authorities to make justice and improve the law to be fair to the victims.

Let people know why justice or current legislation allow Rogério Nonnenmacher to be free, although he was appointed as suspect of child sexual abuse in 1997 and charged for another case of child sexual abuse in 1999. Both claims were laid in Lajeado, RS, Brazil.

-Help communities to promote “child priority” attitude, in a more specific way, helping to re-educate people to act for children benefit, so they stop to hide themselves behind shame. The world you live in, is also the world people you love and want to be protected live in. By helping with campaigns against child sexual abuse you could be providing protection to your own children and supporting survivors you care about.

-Please help to promote this site address and other anti-pedophilia campaigns, by spreading it ahead wherever you can.

-Keep communities informed about Rogério Nonnenmacher hidings and movements, as I am sure that burocracy and slow or no legal action, will result in my father to live on the run, after I have exposed him. Wherever he hides, people have the right to know about him and be aware of the danger he represents, until he can be stopped from keep abusing innocent children.

-Target pedophiles, and make sure that they receive what they deserve.


NOTE: If you can read Portuguese, you will find more in the NEWS link of the Index page, for your reference, as well from this page ahead, showing images of the local media coverage about the court case and events which took place on the Cities of Lajeado and Estrela, in South of Brazil from 2004, after the exposure of Rogério Nonnenmacher was made through this website.  




  2005  FIG-1*_The image below, shows part of the local newspaper "O Informativo", (The Informative) at the time of preventive arrest of Rogério Nonnenmacher by Police Sherif Márcia Scherer from Women's Police Station, in the City of Lajeado, RS in South of Brazil, in August 2004.







Retired Justice Prosecutor


Imprisionment is news in the internet and region.


Andreia Rabaiolli



Lajeado - Hours after the preventive arrest of the retired prosecutor - for child sexual abuse, yesterday, in the city - a series of manifestations of support were being registered in the Guestbook of the website of the older daughter of the accused. She created it in 2003 to expose the behaviour of her father. "I don't know if you are aware, but your father was arrested this morning (Wednesday)", said one of the messages. In another one, a friend expresses that she cares for the daughter of the retired prosecutor, who lives today in Australia. "I read the newspaper and I could not stop crying till now. He was arrested. He was arrested."

In Lajeado, the news as caused great repercussion. One teacher who accessed the website few months ago and since then is following the trials of the daughter in getting the condemnation of the father, showed she was relief. She printed the statements on the internet and showed to several people. "I got overwhelmed by her statements", she said.

In group conversations, the curiosity is to know what will happen. I the police inquires, the Police Sheriff for Women Marcia Scherer, registered that it is a "sui generis which requires a special care because of the repercussions". The supposed behaviour of the retiree divides the public opinion. To one of his nieces, he is considered a respectful and generous person, a position which is now very different to a business man who was his friend for more than 30 years.


(By the website author: You can read the messages referred above in the Guestbook 2004 of this website)





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