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-Always believe if a patient tells you about having memories of being abused as a child.


-Never make a person believe that she or he wanted to be their father’s girlfriend or their mother’s boyfriend in childhood. This will be even more damaging for survivors. This is an acknowledgement of guilt for the person being allowed the abused. Freud’s “Seduction Theory” known also as “Oedipus’s Complex” is today known as the biggest fraud of psychoanalysis. Freud himself could not confront the shame of knowing that between so many people that had memories of child sexual abuse, he found that the same happened in his own family. So, he disguised the truth about it. If you are not aware of this, get updated… See Masson, Jeff Moussaieff. “The Assault on Truth: Freud’s Suppression of The Seduction Theory.” New York: Farrar, Straus, & Gilroux (19 Union Sq.W. New York, NY 10003), 1984.


-Participate with survivors. People need more that somebody just to sit in front of them like a rock. People need more than somebody just to listen. Survivors need to learn how to really deal with the problem, even if they do not know what they want to achieve. If I could have learned in the many years of therapy, what I had in the few I had by sharing experiences with other survivors and reading many books later on, about the matter, I would not have gone around in circles for so long. 


-Please, do not try to convince survivors that it would be healthy if they could work out their problem and reunite with the abuser, to live in peace within a family.


-Can you treat a pedophile? Could you really guarantee that a person who goes to the point of having sex with children could be cured? Would you trust your own child to one of them? So, why do so many of you believe they can be treated? Why don’t you tell judges, politicians and the public that by just keeping the “bastards” in therapy will not make a difference? Do you know what your pedophile patients do, when they are away from your supervision? You know that they are deceiving and do act in secrecy! Is it all just about money? By having this attitude you are also helping the perpetrators.


-You could be a figure of importance, that should help us to educate people about this problem and convince the legal authorities to INCARCERATE these monsters strait away!


As we saw above, most psychiatrists and also psychologists attitudes towards their patients is based in Sigmund Fred’s theories, because this is what these professionals are tough in their professional training.

Because of this, people have been told to believe that they have seek sexual contact with their fathers or mothers to fulfill “Oedipus’s Complex” requirements, that was supposed to happen in every healthy childhood as part of gender identification and development. This misconception of bullshit got men and women, that have been abused sexually as children, to enhance even more their guilt for being abused, despite therapists would tell us not to blame ourselves for the abuse. In the same way, the famous “Hysteria”, invented by Freud to label women that lost behavior control, is nothing more than a reaction, due to frustration in relation to something that really happened without our wish, and that we could not show the proof.

Freud’s “Theory of Seduction”, has contributed to so many survivors to feel emotional re-abused in therapy, by being reminded of this false truths.


It is time to claim that these theories had harm us and that therapists should pay more attention to what they hear from patients, to learn whit survivor’s experiences, instead of keep applying old rules that have been brought down.

I am not trying to convince people to not seek therapy and not all therapists keep having the same old attitude. I am here to claim that while these professionals do not update themselves and survivors are made to believe that they should just try to forget the past and stuff themselves with antidepressants to numb their pain, things cannot improve.


Even so, I believe in good intentions of some of those professionals and I want to acknowledge people like Dr. Aida, that was for a long time the only way I could get a grip to get out of manipulations and emotional re-abuse from my family. I want her to know how thankful I am because she did not abandoned me when I needed her so much.

In the same way I want to acknowledge the support I have been receiving from the counseling team of the Gold Coast Sexual Support Service.

What I have achieved and what I am doing today is in a way their victory too.


But, it is necessary also that, medical professionals or therapists that usually put themselves in pedestals to become more humble, instead of making people believe that they know better than the ones that actually experienced the problem and such a pain. On the other hand, a lot of these professionals have actually chosen this profession because they were abused as children, but they had learned how to control themselves by suffocating their real feelings and so, latter on, they apply these same principles to their patients. So, these professionals keep promoting a hide and seek game in relation to confrontation of the real problem of child sexual abuse. It is time to wake up, look strait to it and put a stop to it.

We need therapists to respect us for what we know and conduct treatments that meet survivor’s needs instead of keep trying to solve people’s conflicts by just using drugs.


Medical professionals should also help us to get public support and respect for finally achieving healing, educate and prevent such a type of abuse on a world wide scale.

We are told that “medical ethics” should  keep secrecy of patient information. However, I question what ethics are these, when it puts defenseless children at risk in the same way that allow people that cannot afford to pay doctors to die in hospital corridors, in many countries around the world?

I agree with somebody else that says:

"In the same way that bank accounts confidentiality is broken, in cases of money misuse by corrupt politicians and drug dealers, doctors should be obliged to tell what they know about their pedophile patients!"

By not being willing to do it, these professionals should be taken as contributors for perpetration of child sexual abuse. 

Many survivors and organizations that advocate against child sexual abuse with whom I agree, have been claming that generally medical professionals have not being acting for the benefit of victims and how this helps the perpetrators to be free and actively making new victims.

 “Structural violence, or institutional violence upholds or reinforces the violence of an individual abuser. The violence of a particular medical “truth” may add to and reinforce the violence of the actual abuse” – Understanding Incest - A booklet for women by women. BRICC, Rapid Offset Printing, Australia,1996.

Unfortunately, up to a few years ago, very important information, that could help millions of people, were kept between patients and their therapists only, instead of being shared with other survivors that could benefit from it and also the public that could learn about the existence and consequences of child sexual abuse in people’s lives. Therapies should be extended to outside medical offices and be put in practice by encouraging communities to work together to heal and prevent child sexual abuse. Support groups, educational speeches, TV campaigns, literature and any form of mass communication with awareness, could bring benefits not just for the ones that cannot afford private therapy, but also to eliminate the “Taboo” that exists towards incest and the prejudice against people that suffer from emotional diseases, that most survivors come across as a consequence of the abuse.


I have experienced myself how much stigma and prejudice is actually promoted by medical education to those that became emotionally ill. It is really re-abusive and unacceptable the attitude that medical professionals are taught to label people. It is like if because somebody that is suffering and had became emotionally fragile, this person cannot be taken seriously, or have lost intellectual capability. Even worst, are the medical professionals that also refer to emotionally ill people in a mockery way. Those people help to promote prejudice.

While medical  institutions do not promote real respect and understanding towards people that have suffered emotional trauma and have became ill because of it, it will be more difficult to achieve success in decreasing statistics of child sexual abuse because of the intimidation that these attitudes cause to victims.


Fortunately, there are medical professionals that have been thinking outside the square, gone up in challenging old theories and promoting results of their researches so communities can benefit from it. One of them is Professor Sarah Mott involved in a study about women that subject themselves to “pap smears” (Test that can show early detection of Cancerous cells in women’s cervix), run by University of Western Sydney. According to her, there is a relation between the percentage of women that avoid having this test and history of child sexual abuse, because the test triggers memories of the abuse. She found that this percentage is 30% in Australia.

Apart from some new age doctors, there are also organizations around the world, some formed by survivors and also other humanitarian and social workers institutions, that are supporting survivors to seek  heal and share information that can help people that want to find answers and validate their feelings.

Please, see addresses of  some of these internet sites through LINKS at main or entry page of this site.





-Always trust the victim when somebody claims they have being sexually abused in their childhood. A child, that had never been abused, could not describe memories of sexual activities or such experience.


-An adult that claims it should have a really strong reason to get exposed to such a difficult embarrassment. Why, would a person do it, against any family member, even worst when the person accused is one of the parents, if this was not true? It is really difficult to accuse a person of such importance in your life…

Ask yourself: “What could be a worst reason than being really abused, to make a person take such a step and make this type of claim?”


-Take also in consideration that, in most cases there is no proof because the abuse happens in secrecy. So, it is expected that the abuser will deny it! Pedophiles are cowards by the fact that they do such a type of abuse. So, what would you expect they would say? That, as a good catholic, they should admit their fault? Would you expect them to swear that it was a mistake and that they will never ever do it again?

So, you should always take the victim’s statement as an evidence in the first place, for the obvious reasons shown above. A misleading claimer could not keep an act such as this type for too long. Those that misuse this type of claim should be legally punished, to be fair and do not hind justice to happen to those that have the right to get it.

-In family cases, you should always seek all direct family members and also other relatives, for interrogation. You would be surprise to know how many slips you would catch along the way. Keep digging deeper and you will finally get the “true face” of many families.


-As a woman I am also here, to claim woman’s rights, as 30% of women are listed in the world health organization for being abused as children, and especially because, the majority were abused by their own fathers.

We cannot change the past, but we can engage in a fight to change this figure urgently, for the sake of future generations.


-I make a claim to legislative representatives, in the name of victims of child sexual abuse, especially the ones that had suffered legal injustices or that had not been given the right to claim justice because the law is not fair to such victims:

It is time to change the law, especially in countries like Brazil and also others that are still behind in this matter, so victims can be trusted and claim legal charges, whenever they are ready to do it, at anytime in life, for their own sake, or to validate and back up new victims cases.

For most survivors, it take years to acknowledge they were not the ones to blame and to build up the courage to claim they were abused.

Many of these victims just want to forget it, because of the pain the matter brings up. So, these people just try to deny the problem and go ahead with their lives.

The danger are the ones that do not acknowledge any type of child abuse as a problem. Those people chose became dominant towards others to compensate their abuse and follow the steps of their abusers. They never accept that they should seek therapy.

For others, many years later, they have to deal with personal conflicts caused by emotional diseases brought about by life challenges they cannot cope with and some of them realize that they need therapy to learn to cope with the abuse.

Also, the existence of new victims from the younger generations, such as nephews, nieces, their own children or grandchildren endangered by pedophiles, can trigger a wake up alarm, that brings back all the trauma these survivors have been holding back, dormant for many years. Some of them, decide then to disclose the abuse  they suffer in the past, to protect new victims, but they cannot claim anymore any damages suffered as well as their case of abuse cannot back up or be used to help new victims in a court of law. So if a new victim does not confirm the abuse while he or she is still considered a child, the pedophile is kept free even though  he abused so many people in the past and still represents a risk for innocent children. In Brazil, the victim has six months only to make a claim after becoming officially an adult, at the age of 18. At this age, no victim of child sexual abuse would be emotionally mature enough to change their attitude regarding the matter. This law is unfair to all survivors and also does not help to keep potential victims safe.

The law should be designed for those that need it and not to facilitate legal staff work, because of people that misuse it.

Fortunately, in countries like the US, Australia and UK, child sexual abuse can be claimed now at any time during the victims life and the offender is put in jail because of the nature of the offence he did and also because a pedophile represents serious danger to children.


-Because of the damage child sexual abuse causes and the hideous nature of this type of crime, it should be treated as serious as a murder, especially when the abuser is one of the parents. Nobody could cause more trauma to a child, than when it is done by the parents! Because of this, it should be looked at as a maximum level of personal damage. Offenders of this caliber should be condemned to life in prison, due to the cruelty of their act and because they CANNOT be corrected. Please, give us a reason the have faith in justice…


Legal authorities have the responsibility of promoting and making justice to those that have suffered physical or sexual assault, especially children that cannot defend themselves from adults or the strongest ones. Police, justice prosecutors and judges are the ones anybody should be able to rely on to find safety, when a person needs to seek protection from strangers and also from family members because home is not a safe place anymore, like happens in most cases of child sexual abuse. However, as we saw above, legal technicalities in justice system hind children and survivors from being trusted, protected and compensated for damages suffered. However, I also know of police officers and also prosecutors that have worked hard to do their share, for in the end get empty handed because of these legalities or corruption in the legal system.


In many countries around the world, even when a pedophile is identified and prosecuted, judges usually give them a short term sentence and keep releasing these offenders, even though these judges are warned that these criminals will re-offend, when back to freedom.

Statistics show that with very few exceptions, pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, including some of those that volunteer to have psychotherapy treatment. Pedophilia is a no way back trip. Once a person has cross the line and got to the point of being so cruel to abuse a child sexually, it is because this person had became one of a type that has gone to the lowest level of perversion a person could reach in the bottom of human indecency.

Nobody can be reborn good from such a cowardly act!


Like, pedophilia in religious and educational organizations have been the focus of attention in the latest years, it is the time to question also other positions of power hold in communities around the world. It seems that many legal authorities that make so hard to have pedophiles prosecuted and also release them so easily, could have conflicts of interest.

Why do we never hear about a justice representative that had been found to be a pedophile? The fact that so many pedophiles exist out there in the world, inclusive among legal and justice representatives, is what makes it so difficult to get these criminals prosecuted and that frustrates so many victims that try to seek justice. I do not just believe, but I have an example in my own family.


It is unacceptable that justice in Brazil allow people like my father to walk around free, even after authorities have been warned so many times about the danger he represents. Injustice resulting of inadequate laws help to protect him.

Everybody also knows of how much impunity exists, especially when powerful people’s names are involved. Even though there are good people within legal authorities, trying to do the right thing, we find also the ones that try to cover up their criminal colleagues, to protect their group image. Such authorities should help to expose these pedophiles and so give people a reason to respect and trust in the justice system.

For the justice system to be acknowledged for what it is supposed to represent, a big cleansing and change of laws and attitudes have to happen first.


I sent my own history as a witness statement, confirming that I also suffered child sexual abused by my father, to a female prosecutor of Lajeado City, to support another victim’s court case in the past.

Besides the fact that my father is still free, he was also permitted to register another child as his daughter.

It should have been the duty of care of the prosecutor to go ahead with the court case, even though the responsible person for the child gave up from the accusations, dropping the charges.

It should have been a government responsibility to protect the child, exhausting all possibilities to prove the abuse took place, once a claim of this nature is laid. The child should be kept safe, also from those that, suddenly, have a conflict of interest and help to protect the offender.


So, despite the fact that I am using the history of abuse in my family to educate people for the problem, another reason why I decided to expose my father's face on the internet  is that it is not possible to rely on Brazilian laws (my country of origin) to get justice for victims of child sexual abuse and put such a type of criminal like him in jail.


Every day Rogério Nonnenmacher is free, it is another day of risk for children.






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