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After more than 10 years of efforts, the parents of Daniel Morcombe, Denise and Bruce Morcombe achieved the condemnation of the pedophile who murdered their son.

These parents, who never gave up from asking the authorities to keep looking for their missing son, went from school to school in the State of Queensland, to make children, teenagers, teachers and parents aware about the danger which end up killing their son, they finally got the condemnation of the killer.




Denise and Bruce Morcombe



The Australian justice condemned this Friday 14/03/2014, the pedophile and murderer Brett Peter Cowan, with a sentence of a minimum of 20 years of imprisonment, without parole.


Justice Roslyn Atkinson described Cowan like a monster and a pedophile that lured Daniel into his death. She also reminded the accused and the public present to the jury that he would not walk out of jail automatically after serving 20 years. 

"Whenever anyone is considering the prospect of granting you parole many years in the future they should mark my words that you are a convincing liar … and prepared to lie to advance your own interests," she said.


Unfortunately, such justice victory will not bring Daniel back to his parents, but it will save many other children from the claws of this predator!





Daniel was taken in 2003, in Queensland. The boy was waiting for the school bus when he disappeared.

Brett Peter Cowan saw the boy at the bus stop and though he was "CUTE". He parked his car in the

near shopping centre and went to offer him a lift.

The remains of his body were found in 2011 due to the insistence for searching campaigns of his parents who moved communities in Australia and convinced the police to persevere with the investigations which took finally to the pedophile who kidnapped and murder the teenager.


A Queensland Police Investigator, who worked disguised as a drug gang leader, got Brett Peter Cowan to confess the crime to him, whilst they were being recorded by hidden cameras.

This pedophile was tracked down due to his previous cases of child molestation for which he was condemned and released from imprisonment, before he attacked Daniel Morcombe. Confident that nobody could get him, Cowan also kept abusing sexually other children even after he killed  Daniel Morcombe.



Criminal History of Brett Peter Cowan





This case shows clearly the consequences and the danger children are exposed to because of the inconsequent attitude of authorities who allow parole to such predators who cannot be rehabilitated.

Those criminals, go back to interacting with communities, they blend in without people knowing about their past while they keep misleading people and destroying the lives of innocent children.


Many people are now asking why the police took so long to discover and to arrest such a criminal?

Besides this website and other child protection organisations have been trying to warn authorities about the dangers of releasing convicted sexual and child predators, people also question why the system failed and did not protect children like Daniel in the first place?


The case of Daniel Morcombe became an example for all Australia, making the public and authorities aware about how such legal procedures which benefit hideous criminals end up being negligent and having a high cost for the lives of people and the new generations. People are becoming more conscious about the need to demand authorities to never release such molesters back to the streets.


Even though the pedophile Brett Peter Cowan received a sentence of 20 years with no parole, there are people asking for life in prison.

The founder of Bravehearts, Hetty Johnston, says that he should have given a tougher sentence.

She said life should mean life.


"I would like to see 50 years, 100 years, never let him out.''


Hetty Johnston - BRAVEHEART





People are also questioning if there should be a death penalty for these cases in Australia.

What is the social benefit of keeping these criminals alive with tax payers’ money?

Besides the cruelty of such barbarian crimes, the cost of maintaining a criminal who cannot be rehabilitated could be used for so many other humanitarian purposes that are so necessary.


As a survivor of child sexual abuse and somebody who has struggled with the consequences of this type of crime, and who had gone into a long journey of emotional healing, I have also been questioning such points because I know so many victims of these destroyers of people’s innocence.

These survivors become abandoned by the government, so many of these people become emotionally ill.

As a consequence of this, many of these victims have difficulties to survive. After going through so much suffering, many survivors of child sexual abuse become exposed to poverty and to prejudice because of difficulties to cope, to get work or to stay at work.

There are so many victims of monsters like the one who killed Daniel Morcombe, but who have survived the attacks. There are so many people who were abused as children and who need assistance, as well as people of their relationships and their relatives who are affected by the consequences of child sexual abuse.


The case of Daniel Morcombe is today an historical reference for crimes against children in Australia and has set an alert for authorities and legislators around the world.


Thank you Denise e Bruce Morcombe, for your persistence, your courage and your dignity during the time you have seek justice for your loving son.

I offer my solidarity as a survivor, I feel proud of your victory and also for living in a country where there are still parents like you.

Thank you, in the name of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.


E l i s a b e t h  N o n n e n m a c h e r


Author of “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles”





"Those who destroy the purity and innocence of a child's life,

should  lose the right of enjoying the rest of their lives."




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