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In 14 December 2003, the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles” was launched in Australia, to make a public accusation about the pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher to the Brazilian justice authorities, exposing that he was abusing people in my family for more than 50 years in Brazil.

The website was also proposing to make the public aware of issues of child sexual abuse, so that people could learn to protect children from this type of crime.


Today the website is completing 10 years of existence, and I decided to show the results of efforts to protect the victims who I intended initially, as well as to make a retrospective brief of what happened along these long years.

Other texts will be released in parts after this date.

Autora de “R-Evolução Anti Pedofílicos” (www.r-eap.org)







The video below, shows the recording made to be sent with a nine pages written statement of accusation, which was sent to the justice prosecutor Veloci Pivatto of the Court House of Lajeado, State of Rio Grande do Sul in South of Brazil, to support the claim in which I encouraged my half sister to make, in hope to get her protected from my father abuses.

This statement was sent in 1999, four years before the creation and launch of the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles”.


VIDEO - Statement in support to another victim of Rogério Nonnenmacher

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After I got to know that relatives became involved to corrupt the mother of the victim with money and that they got to sabotage the court case, making her to withdraw from the accusation, I realised than that the justice system and the family would not take the necessary decisions to end up the abuses of my father.

I was with no choice than making a public exposure of the dangers which has been extending from one generation to the next one, so the victims of that time would not have to struggle for so many years like I did.


After I had to deal for so many years with the consequences of the traumas caused by child sexual abuse, my major objective was to rescue these new victims as well as the ones who were at risk of being the next to be abused, and give them a chance that I did not have.

I intended to provide them with the freedom of this sexual and emotional slavery, so that they could become free to make their own choices in life.


A was also preoccupied that these victims, as well other family members, could have children in the future without  having them exposed to the dangers of the pressures, blackmails and secrets which would make them the next targets of this serial pedophile, Rogério Nonnenmacher.


I became conscious that this pedophile would never stop molesting children. I could not live in peace with myself knowing that, while I had distanced myself from my family and my country, to start a new life in a safe place and to have a successful future, my silence  was contributing for other people who were left behind,  to be on their own luck and be slaved by my father.



I needed to do something and I fell it was my right  and my duty to stop this criminal.

After I discovered that the help I gave to the victim I encouraged was sabotage and that, she was made a slave again, I perceived that, more than never I should BREAK THE SILENCE to stop the cycle of child sexual abuse.


I was not successful to save this victim then because the abuses were not limited to the abuses of my father only. There were other types of control, from people who were willing to use emotional blackmails and to abuse financial power to suppress the rights of those who need help and protection.

Whilst relatives would get professional projection, becoming rich and getting in the spotlight of success to a celebrity level, this was happening at the cost of a secret which submitted one of my sisters to have to extend her suffering, to be scarified sexually and emotionally humiliated by this pedophile. This is absolute CRUELTY!



The lack of humanity, the disrespect, the cowardness, and vile attitude of those who contributed for the “status quo” of family abuses to be going, for the benefit of some few privileged, would help this crime to continue while this pedophile was alive.


I didn't wish that anybody had to reach rock bottom of suffering as it happened to me in the past and the responsible of these abuses had to be exposed!

The situation would not change unless a drastic measure was taken and even so I was questioning myself if only a public exposure would get the attention of well intended authorities, who would be able to protect the victims from that time and others in potential.

So, even fearing that my claims would be disregarded again and with the website preparations almost finalised, I decided to beat on a last trial. I sent once more a letter to denounce and to tell the authorities the matter and making clear that if I did not get an answer in time, I was going to take further action.

I identified myself as one of my father's victim of sexual abuse and I requested urgency to the authorities in Brazil to protect the younger daughters who my father had outside his marriage.


Time had pass and I did not hear an answer as expected. So, the website was launched at this date, 10 years ago.









As result of this announcement and the repercussion of the news  of my public accusation, Rogério Nonnenmacher, the  respectful politician, justice prosecutor and well known and cherished person in the community, was then discovered as somebody who had mislead people for all these years, regarding his personality and FALSE MORALITY.

Since then, authorities from Justice Prosecution office and Police made contact with my relatives and with me. Evidences from witness’s statements were gathered, to give continuation to an investigatory process.


My attitude and the texts of the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles” fortunately touched and encouraged other former victims of my father who wished to change their lives and who decide to be truthful.

Some of them decided to become a witness to protect the victims of that time, while they also recovered their own dignity and rights to do something they never had a chance to do for themselves about the abuser.


However, not all the victims of that time or the former ones, understood the gravity of the profile of this criminal we have as a father, uncle and brother, and not everybody was able to perceive the necessity of this my initiative.

Unfortunately, the majority of my father sisters did not offer support to me nor to the former victims who decided to confirm the accusations I made. 

With the exception of one of my father's sister, whom he considered the less smart of them, she perceived the type of brother she had and she had the good sense of not supporting this criminal in court.

Another sister of my father, the one who is my Godmother and who is in a nun in a locked convent, she didn't know for a long time about what was going on because, I respected the recommendation of her doctor of not to tell her about the matter due to her fragile health. But it did not take long for somebody to instigate her against me in and to do an act of selfishness and cruelty. It was disappointing for me to confront the prejudice, lack of compassion, and disgust from the one who told me once when I was little that, I was the most precious person she had in her life. Unfortunately, so many of those people who claim that they follow good intentions, at these times they show how religions maintain people's minds conditioned and closed. The Catholic religion in particular, has shown to the world along all these years, how they brush the secrets of child sexual abuse done by cleric members under the rug.


So, with the exception of the ones above, I had the confirmation that all the other sisters of my pedophile father went to be defense witnesses in the criminal court case. So did some of their daughters, my cousins. 

They even dear to treat journalists who were following the case in the cities of Lajeado and Estrela in South of Brazil, telling they would take them to court if their attitude was made public, but they were not shy to chose to defend a pedophile.


What I did not expect when I decided to help to free the victims of my father was that, I would become a target of prejudice of my own Goddaughter, who used to be once a little girl of good principles.

Some people in Brazil warned me saying: "You will be disappointed". Even so, I respected her decision of staying distant from me and I did not agreed to use her public figure to call attention to the accusation I made.

Besides the fact that my accusations were not her business, I did not intended to pollute the public perception regarding my purpose of achieving the condemnation of my father, to protect children and to create consciousness about this type of violence.

However, I did not imagine that because of her lack of consciousness, I would have to pronounce myself against Gisele, because of her TV commercial HOPE TEACHINGS and the examples of corruptive influences that she had over women and children, especially after she became a mother. But for somebody who avoided meeting me when she could have learn something with what I wanted to teach her, I should not be surprise.

I ask myself what would be if, the opposite happened...If I had kept in silence all these years, to take advantage of the benefits of being the "Number One Godmother”, to promote myself internationally, to project my professional career, making a fortune taking a ride in the circles of celebrities, and secretly allowing the pedophile I have as a father to abuse HER children today?


Besides I know that my aunty, her mother who corroborated to put many people against me, she went to be a defense witness for this pedophile and the confirmation of this fact came to my hands. But I still got in shock to know that her father declared to a newspaper in the State of Rio Grande do Sul that, all important decisions of his family were discussed and made by the family group. By knowing about this I got the confirmation that the decision of my aunty to support my father in court was a family group decision. I as overwhelmed to realise that greed, inflated egos, lack of humanity, lack of compassion,  and the inability to admit and to redeem their mistakes have extended for all these years.

However, today they keep trying to hide from the public that they are relatives of the pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher and also that they are my relatives because I exposed him.

Why do they hide this?  If they think that it was so right to support this monster, why don't they pay their respects in public to him as well?  


 If this was not enough, there were others as well, like that cousin “The one from Estrela", a "jail door lawyer”, who was not ashamed of defending this uncle pedophile with the promise of payment.

The aunty (her mother) and some male cousins, made dead treats and other malicious intimidations to the former victims who decided to support my accusation at the time.


One of the male cousins from the city of Lajeado, used to brag himself saying that he would take his little baby daughter to "sit on uncle Rogerio's lap"! This one and his brothers did not allow their mother to give her statement to the police, to tell some secrets she know about the crimes of  Rogério Nonnenmacher. I only hope that these people can see today their mistakes and the disrespect they had to those who endure so much suffering like me, my sisters and others who had the right to claim the brutality of  Rogério Nonnenmacher.


One can see how these things can happened in ANY family. However, fear make that people become hostile and have an attitude of prejudice. Unfortunately, we find out in these occasions when we try to end family violence, that we have been living in a "wasp nest" and that besides prejudice, that are people who are heartless, they have no compassion for the sufferings the victims had experience and they threat  people of their own blood in such a cruel way.


Based on this, people should not be surprise that the majority of the abuses of many children happen in the family environment and by family members!

We can see also how the origins of corruption, discrimination and greed are born within the family.

What about if these relatives of mine "look at themselves in the mirror" before protesting against  corruption, news about violence, and the lack of shame of our politicians?

These people should not dear to think about claiming moral damages because, people who make the choices they did, caused damages to themselves and they have a very questionable moral to start, for putting financial gain above the dignity and suffering of others.


Along this 10 years, from the people I saved from the claws of my father and those who know today of the dangers  of taking their children and grandchildren to spend Christmas, parties and holidays in the company of "Uncle Rogério”, there were few who took the initiative to look for me to offer their sympathy. These people who were supportive were the ones who belong to the simplest backgrounds.

Many years have passed and I imagined that with time others would recognize their mistakes or their lack of consciousness.

Within the victims who I helped directly, I did not have any recognition or acknowledgement about the benefits of the liberation that my initiative brought to them.  No one was humble to say "thank you". But I don't have any bad feelings for them because of this.

Even if I knew that I would not have any acknowledgement at the time I decided to help them, I would have done all the same way, because I became conscious that nobody has to become slaved the way my father does and nobody has the right to abuse children sexually.

I don't regret any decision I made, even if this has cost me the lost of family relations with those who support my father, as well for the lots of privileges for business opportunities and social flaunting (so important for some), because I exposed the rotten condition in which a secret was kept and is still maintained by strong influences and conflicts of interests.

I am in peace with the Universe and with myself, by fulfilling a mission which was absolutely NECESSARY.

I wish that these people can be happy and those who had children have learn to keep their kids safe from this danger. If one day they come to realise the good I did to them and they need my support for something, I will be happy to help in what I can.


In 2006 Rogério Nonnenmacher was SENTENCED to more than 15 years of reclusion imprisonment and his sentence was decided short after the introduction of "Parole" for hideous crimes in Brazil. Knowing about his political influences and figure of important connections with people of power, I wonder if his sentence was decided only when he had the guarantee that he could be free soon by this "Parole", for good behavior in jail, by fulfilling only 1/6 of the time of his sentence.


In 2011, after he was enjoying the benefits of is freedom,  Rogério Nonnenmacher went back to work as a lawyer ad he had his license under the National Lawyers Board of Brazil hunted down, due to IMORALITY.


 YES, this pedophile is FREE! However there were people of good sense who did not accept such an individual who would stain their professional image and he was excluded by this board.


However, the majority of people who have no idea who is Rogério Nonnenmacher, they are at risk of coming across this pedophile any time and their children are in danger, exposed to the sabotage the Brazilian legislation and justice system have done to their own people.











I want to thank all those who believed on the truth, who had raised their heads above fear, above shame, blackmails, deceptions and betrayal of people we imagined who cared about us.


I want to say thank you ESPECIALLY to my two sisters from my mother side, who decided to beat with me in this purpose of courage, honesty, sincerity, to rescue the fragments of what was left  of the life in which our father kept us away from each another until then.

Independently of the choices each one decided to follow later, a big victory of noble objectives and principles was achieved.



I want to thank my aunties from my mother side, who also decided to support my accusations, to claim their own opportunities of exposing the one who abused them, and to show to the authorities the many years that this pedophile used to manipulate, intimidate, and make a mockery about people, including the one who was abused besides being a child and who was also a disable person. She had her fragility aggravated by her condition.



Thank you to all the witnesses who got to touch the hearts of the authorities, by showing openly their emotions, their fragility and pain which still got to surface after so many years, confirming to judges an justice prosecutors the clear evidences of how much the traumas become registered across our lives, independent of age, education level or courage to confront the abuser.



I want to say thank you to my younger sister, who had the persistence of becoming a pillar for our mother, so she could be redirected to look to her grave errors, to rethink her actions to rebuild her life and finally put an END to the relationship with the monster pedophile she had as a husband and our father, Rogério Nonnenmacher.


Thank you to the few relatives that along these years manifested their support, those who came to meet me and who opened their homes to me, including those who did it years later.

So nice was the wife of a male cousin who offered me her therapy to relieve the stress of my body.

I am thankful also to those who supported me in the beginning, but who could not follow their purpose later.


Thank you to those who were not shy to tell me what they knew or discovered about the many people in the family and the community who knew that we were abused children, but who just watched passively the family dynamic in which we were explored and they never intervened to help us.


I thank the Universe, for letting me know of some few family members who tried to do something in the past. I refer to the ones who passed away, who failed trying and who gave up.

I am HONORING here my grandmother Melita, the one my father used to call "Crazy" because she became emotionally ill when she discovered that her son-in-law was a molester in her family. I was appointed as the next "Crazy" one who challenged my father and I did not give up and I did not fail to show successful to the world that this pedophile really fits in a label much worst: EVIL

I also want to HONOR the memory of my Godfather Jorge, who at the time I was a child went to confront Rogério Nonnenmacher with the intention of bashing him but, he was intimidated by a revolver that this coward I have as a father pointed to his head.


I also want to ACKNOWLEDGE the protective attitude and non expression of protest, of my late Grandmother Maria, when she came to visit us one weekend when I was a pre-teenager. I watched her screaming at my father for finding him with me in his bed, reprehending him in German language saying:


“Rogério, what are you doing with the girl in the bed? This is not right!!!”


I understood later the reason she was so upset and of her unquestionable apprehension, when I got to know that I was not the first of the victims of the monster she had as a son.


Thank you to all people who expressed support to my initiative in the site GUESTBOOK along the years, including those I don't know. Their support was highly appreciated and it helped me to get stronger in several moments when I was feeling alone, in the other side of the world.


Thank you, even to those who supported me in the beginning and told me after to remove their names from my contact list and those who blocked my emails when I asked for help to continue to create consciousness about child sexual abuse, when I was making disparate requests for people to react in protest to try to call attention of judges and deputies to try to revert the decision about the introduction of "Parole" for hideous crimes in Brazil in 2006.


I thank to the Universe, even for those who defied me since I launched this website, those who tried to offend me, and who had the objective of making me look ridiculous and to lead people not to believe in my intentions because, they gave me the opportunity to show to the public about the pressures the victims of child sexual abuse endure when they expose this type of crime. The questionings and confrontations of these people in the GUESTBOOK were an opportunity to clarify many things that my relatives really would like to pass "unnoticed".


I want to acknowledge and thank the valuable work of the Police Sheriff Marcia Scherer, the Police Inspector Anise and her team of the "Women Police Station of Lajeado", who conducted the investigations with tenacity, gathering possible evidences from witnesses, which took to the final IMPRISONMENT and SENTENCE of the pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher.

I got to know that many cases were encouraged by this one of my family and which followed after in this city.

I was told that more than 300 cases of child sexual abuse were started just in the first year.

We can say then, 10 years ago, the city of Lajeado in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, was a PIONEER for the large number of accusations about child sexual abuse in Brazil.


Until then, many people did not believe that they could make a successful accusation about this type of crime.

Rogério Nonnenmacher was a justice prosecutor and this made that many of the victims in my family, like me, and also others in the community to have great difficulty in believing that authorities would accept their cases. We could not believe in the integrity of the justice system. The confrontment of such an imposing figure in the community was an encouragement for many to denounce other abuses. Because of this the website "R-Evolution Against Pedophiles" celebrates today a great victory of a large number of people who decided to believe in their rights to break the silence about child sexual abuse.


I want to thank the attention and sensibility of the authorities who dealt with the case. I present my special thanks to the justice prosecutor Mônica Maranguelli de Ávila. This woman demonstrated great ability to attend the victims who were willing to be witnesses to confirm the abuses of my father. The caring with the victims  well being and their fragility, as well the availability of this woman, made that witnesses got to believe that there are still well intended and trusted authorities.  This assured at the time that not everybody are like our father who hide behind a figure of well respected authority and who stained this image of noble purposes of protecting the defenseless.


I want to thank all those who helped to promote the site "R-Evolution Against Pedophiles", as well as those who got involved so that I could extend its promotion with clarifications and purpose of creating public consciousness, to denounce abuses and to protect  children, allowing me to participate in radio and newspapers  interviews, public speeches and manifestations, meetings with health professionals, members of community  representatives  and to start a support group for survivors of child sexual abuse.










Many benefits came out from the creation of the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles”.

I was told that after launching the website, the accusations and my witness shown in the texts were a reference for incentives of legal studies for improving procedures for attending cases of child sexual abuse in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in the South of Brazil.

One of these improvements was the introduction of court hearing for the victims, without the need of exposure to the presence of the abuser. I had benefit myself from this new idea in 2004 when I went willingly to give my statement to the court, to confirm the accusations I made against my father in the website. I suggested and supported this initiative of "protective court hearing" which was introduced then in the UK, to protect the victims from the emotional intimidation of the abuser in court.


After these 10 years, we can see now that an avalanche of child abuse cases has been exposed almost daily in the official. We realised that all the efforts about the awareness created was not in vain because, these large numbers are  showing how much this rime is disseminated in Brazil and as I expected it had become an EPIDEMY.

However, the exposition of so many cases came from this awareness and which the contribution of this website was an initial milestone for the clarification and encouragement of the public and so many other initiatives.

The launching of the website "R-Evolution Against Pedophile" and others which followed later on the internet, made people become conscious about the abuses and the consequences for the victims' lives. The public has been manifesting support to the victims, and encouraging so many people to denounce the abuser to the authorities, to free and to protect other victims.


This website received and still receives a significant number of messages from survivors, who many times cannot express how much they would like to thank, how much they appreciate  the material published  and how much they have learned with my story. There are many who tell me that they identify with my story and they get inspired to share their own experiences, even though some of them ask to keep it private, which I do in their respect. 


The website also got the attention of blogs, magazines, newspaper interviews and overseas TV program.

A profile was created for Facebook (reapnews.reapnoticias) and a U-tube channel for videos (REAP2012).


I was also asked to participate in research for university case studies, which I did in the opportunities I could.

I regret I was not able to attend all requests. Although, I am happy to help when I can, within my limitations and conditions.









Not long after the website was released, changes happened in the psychology ethics board of Brazil, reviewing professional-client privacy agreement, making mandatory for these professionals to denounce cases of child sexual abuse.


With the repercussions of so many case of abuse, we got finally improvements in the Federal Legislation, with the approval of the LAW JOANA MARANHÃO in 2012. This opened an opportunity, before denied to o many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse in Brazil who became adults, within a restricted age. Even so, this was a great victory for all victims of child sexual abuse.


I believe that improvements still have to be done in the legislation, to allow any adult survivors of any age to denounce their abusers because while the abusers are alive they will keep making victims and any past case  of child sexual abuse should be a reference to protect other children in the present and in the future. Also, opposing what our legislative representatives can imagine, time does not make victims to forget what happened. Many survivors of child sexual abuse have their traumas worsen when they feel fragile with aging and they should be acknowledged and receive support for post-traumatic syndrome.


Justice prosecutors have been warning the public about the many criminals who have re-offended, like in cases of child sexual abuse, after they got the "Parole" benefit for hideous crimes.

With so many criminals like Rogério Nonnenmacher, who received this benefit, it is urgent that a new law come to place to oblige the justice system to make public the names, faces and addresses of all pedophiles who are made free, like there is the MEGAN LAW in the USA.

It is up to the public to push their representatives to get such a law approved because people have the right to be informed about these criminals and to know about the dangers in their neighborhood and possible contact with these criminals, to protect themselves from their evil and especially to protect their children.

Besides this a new legislation to assure life in prison should be even more important and the best option.


We also need more services of free assistance for victims of child sexual abuse, which should be extended to all ages.

Children are not the only ones who need physical protection and psychological assistance, at the time of becoming a witness in the court room and for getting therapies.

By receiving assistance, young, mature and old age survivors can also elevate their consciousness and they can become prepared to be important allies in the protection of children.


Unfortunately great part of the population in Brazil still have a lot to evolve and the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles” is a voluntary work and result of the consciousness of the need of its existence, which I intend to keep going while I live, for so many of these people who need and who can benefit from things I can share in this space.

I hope that this can be the first of many decades, that survivors and people who want to help those who were abused, can find a reference for also become aware, as well as to assure a reason and the meaning for protecting children.


Please watch below one of the videos with an interview made for university case studies, to help creating consciousness in professionals who are looking for answers through the eyes of somebody who used to be a victim and became a survivor.



VIDEO - Looking at important topics about child sexual abuse.

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"Se um dia a vida fez vo se humiliar,

If one day you had to humiliate yourself,

E como uma lagarta teve que rastejar,

And like a worm you have to crawl,

Se no mêdo, na culpa e na vergonha,

If in fear, guilt and shame,

Sua existência se manteve enclausurada,

Your existance was kept enclosed

Mas desejou tanto se libertar,

But you wanted so much to set yourself free,


Uma grande transformação pode ser alcançada,

A great transformation can be achieved,

Se você se permitir sair do casulo,

If you can allow yourself to get out of the cocoon,

E mantiver sua consciência elevada,

Keeping your consciousness elevated,


Ao buscar forças para se curar,

When you seek strengh to be healed,


And you become a SURVIVOR,

 Criará asas para voar!"  

You will get wings to be able to fly!


E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r








Please help to spread the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles” to others.



Thank you, in the name of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.



E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r


"Celebrate the child you were once because,

We can only help to make a difference when,

 We allow us to learn to love ourselves."





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