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“Day for Daniel”


The tragic story of Daniel Morcombe is the worst nightmare any parent could have and it has become a symbol of awareness for child protection around Australia.


This website supports the “Day for Daniel” awareness campaign, for the protection of children who are at risk of being taken, abused and killed.






Daniel was abducted from the bus stop while going to school in the Sunshine Coast in the State of Queensland in Australia, in December 7, 2003.

Because the police could not find the body and evidences of what happened to Daniel, since his disappearance, his parents decided to go public soon after. They launched a campaign with the support of the police, to make people aware of their need of getting community help in finding any information about their son.


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Since then, it has been a long time of suffering and restless efforts which finally resulted in the arrest of a suspect and which took the police to find the remains of Daniel in Aug 21, 2011.

A child bones were found in a bushland area of Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast and forensic analysis had confirmed that they are from Daniel.

Newspapers around the country highlighted the news regarding the investigations, the arresting of a suspect and the findings of the body.

The surprise arrest of the 41-year-old man after eight harrowing years for the Morcombe family came after police lured him back to Queensland from Perth under a covert and complex strategy.” (The Sunday Mail (Qld) , August 14, 2011)


The alleged killer of the teenager Daniel Morcombe, who went missing as a 13-year-old in 2003, has also been named.


“The decision means media organisations can publish the name of 41-year-old Perth man, Brett Peter Cowan, who was on Saturday charged with the murder of Daniel Morcombe, almost eight years after the 13-year-old went missing.” ( By Christine Flatley, AAP, August 16, 2011)


Brett Peter Cowan, 42, was charged with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse.


According to MAKO online Listing for Australian Pedophiles, Sex Offenders and child killers, Brett Peter Cowan, also known as Brett Peter Cohen, is a typical serial sex offender who has been previously convicted to a 7 year jail in 1994, for molesting a 6 year old boy and release for parole after serving 3,5 years in jail. He also served 14 months in Brisbane jail for sexually molesting a 7 year old boy.




The past history of sexual offences toward children by such a child killer shows how important it is to keep pedophiles LOCKED FOR LIFE, as they are likely to re-offend.

What happened to Daniel Morcombe, is an evidence of how far such re-offending can go.

It is time for everybody to stop making a blind eye for the seriousness of the problem.

It is time for our governments to take RESPONSIBILITY for their mistakes, because children are being abused and being killed by these pedophiles!


We can create all types of community awareness campaigns we can imagine, to protect children. However, in the end, it is the duty of care of our governments to make sure that children are safe from these predators and free to be children as it is the right of the people to claim their right to live in safe communities.

Nobody should have to live in fear…This is why we elect our representatives in the first place and we pay them to serve us as citizens and to provide us with protection.

So, what are our governments and our JUSTICE doing, by releasing PEDOPHILES?


The article “This killer is no secret”, written by Alan Howe and published in the Herald Sun, in August 22, 2011, shows what I myself have been trying to tell people for years and which everybody should be aware of, in the highlights.


“Paedophiles should be jailed for life after their first offence.”

“WE'RE only pretending to treat this problem with the time and attention it needs. So who's to blame when innocents are snatched from our streets?”


Howe’s text follows up with further information for the public to think about the problem.


“Most of these would-be killers already have criminal records. They are usually well known to police -- but our justice systems have dealt with them in a manner governed by state budgets issued by governments working on short cycles and seeking re-election.”


We have to acknowledge that, Daniel Morcombe could be ALIVE today, if it was not for the RECKLESSNESS of the authorities who previously released the pedophile who kidnapped and end up killing this boy!!!

Many children are sexually abused and murdered because of the unacceptable decisions of our judges who allow pedophiles to walk free after a short time in jail!

This is not a strange matter to me and other survivors who have been trying to mobilise communities and authorities for the  NEED to keep this monsters jailed for life. 


As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I can relate to the fear Daniel Morcombe endured. I feel angry with what he went through and very sorry for the lost of his life and for the pain all this have caused to his parents.

I consider myself lucky, because I survived child abuse and did not end up like Daniel. As a survivor, I also have become conscious of the importance of joining efforts and attention to him, to help other kids to be protected.


After all the heartache and the unknown, despite the findings of the remains of Daniel Morcombe, his parents are still distressed due to the long waiting for the release of their son’s remains by justice, to be able to have a funeral.


So, please wear RED to make people aware of the dangers for children in support of “Day for Daniel”, in 26 of October 2012.

Please, help to remind our politicians and legal authorities that the place for pedophiles is in prison.

Readers of this website are invited to support child protection awareness programs by visiting the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and getting involved for the good of all children.


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“The Daniel Morcombe Foundation was established in 2005 by Denise and Bruce Morcombe following the tragic abduction and suspected murder of their 13 year old son Daniel in December 2003.

To promote the Foundation’s aims of making the world a safer place for our children, an annual awareness Day for Daniel is held, involving schools and local communities. In 2012 over 1,000,000 people are expected to participate Australia wide.”  

Daniel Morcombe Day - http://www.dayfordaniel.com.au/






The Department of Justice, whose MPs were responsible for the voting of parole ("Progressão de Pena") which allowed the earlier release from jail, to an avalanche of criminals of high dangers in Brazil, including serial sex offenders and pedophiles like Rogério Nonnenmacher, they should know of the consequences of their actions, as shown in the example that end up killing Daniel Morcombe.




"We should not leave for tomorrow what has to be done today."




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