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The postponing of the commemoration session for Law Joanna Maranhão


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The Brazilian Senate postponed the special session, booked for next Monday (11/06/2012), planned for the commemoration of the signature of the Law Joanna Maranhão (Lei 12.650/2012), which became active from 18th May 2012. The request for the postponing was made by the Senator Magno Malta (PR-ES) himself, who proposed the session, and there is still not a new date announced for it.  Malta, who was the president for the CPI of Pedophilia (Parliamentary Commission of Investigation), is the author of the project which gave origin to the law.

The new law changes the rules for time of prosecution of crimes of pedophilia, rape and violent indecent sexual acts done against children and teenagers. Now, the timing for prosecution will start only at the date when the victim becomes 18, unless the criminal prosecutor department has already taken action against the offender. Until now, the timing for prosecution was calculated from the date of the event of the crime.

The name of the Law is in honor to the Brazilian swimmer Joanna Maranhão, who made public the abuses which she was subjected during her childhood by a trainer. In recent pronunciation, Senator Magno Malta stated that the “Law Lei Joana Maranhão is now in Brazil for the matter of child abuse at the same level of Law Maria da Penha which is for the matters of physical aggression and abuses toward women”.


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Please read below the suggestion sent by the author of this website, to the ceremony of signature of Law Joana Maranhão.

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Att:      Ministrer of Human Rights - Maria do Rosário Nunes

President of CPI of Pedofilia - Senator Magno Malta

            Parliamentaries participanting of the Law Joana Maranhão


Ref:     SUGESTION for the ceremony of signature of the LAW JOANA MARANHÃO


Date:   09 July 2012





Dear Minister, Senador Magno Malta and Parliamentaries,


Please receive my cumpliments for the long wainting aproval of the Law Joana Maranhão (Lei 12.650/2012).

I also take the opportunity to express my oppinion, as a survivor of child sexual abuse and the author of exhaustive campaign of awareness to end these abuses and the spreading of pedophilia in Brazil and overseas, regarding  your invitation for XUXA to join the signature of such a law.


I have to acknowledge that, the declaration of Xuxa by identifying herself as a victim of child sexual abuse was corageous  and it had its importance as a public anouncement, to show the extension of the problem of child sexual abuse in our country.

However, the Law Joana Maranhão, is for those victims who had even greater courage to identify  the names of their abusers by making legal accusations, seeking the right to get justice for themselves, as well as contributing for hinding these criminals from continuing abusing of other children.


The opposite of Xuxa, many of these victims or adult survivors, from long time tried to present claims, but the law did not allowed them to do so. Many of them, put in risk everithing they had in seeking the truth, losing their families and having their health damaged. As a consequence, many also had problems in their studies or because of this, they had problems to find work or to maintain themselves financially. Many live today in poverty, sick, in abandonment, forgoten and under persecution of those who still try to hurt them because of their bravery.


Because of this, I think that it is very unfair that Xuxa would be a guest of honor to sign the Law Joana Maranhão because, besides the exposed above, I cannot see how this actress-model and TV presenter, who became a great success and one of the richest people in the country, whould fit such a profile.

Besides the fact that I understant the origins which took this model to voluntary accept to practice unaceptable behaviour for authentic survivours of abuses and that this celebrity exchanged her dignity for priviledges which helped her to rise in her career in the past, this does not mean that we have to celebrate this person as an heroic symbol for the claims which rescue the rights of so many survivors which had seek the justice Xuxa did not seek, besides the fact that she also contributed for a whole generation of children to be exposed to the influence of sexualised behaviour and early erotic stimulation through her TV programs in Rede Globo Channel in Brazil.


Opposing to Xuxa, I am part of a large number of survivors who feel sick with this distortion of values. I am a type of survivor who endured difficulties with a justice which did not want to hear me, but I insistently made accusations and with my persistency and initiative of public expoure which the great media whet into great lenghs to try to suppress.

Even so, I kept trying to promote educational warnings which protected thousands of children in the cities where I lived in Brazil and also other states. I have been campaigning as a survivor for awareness, for almost a decade, to try to end child sexual abuse.

While I was a victim and later as a survivor, I fell in my own flesh what it is to fight against child sexual abuse.


Besides this, it is not my intention to suggest that you should to invite me to take Xuxa's place to sign the Law Joana Maranhão. However, I came to ask you to analyse the discrimination you are doing to those who have fight for justice and that you consider the extension of this invitation to millions of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse in Brazil. Those, who really whent to seek the justice that Law Joana Maranhão is proposing and for to those whom deserve to be honour in this opportunity.

This Law shoud be signed by survivors and by the swimmer, who did not hesitate in acting to protect children from their abusers, independently if they would be eligible for legal prosecution of the offenders at the time. Those, between many who endured adversities  and so many difficulties in accusing the perpetrators, should be invited for TOGETHER with Joana Maranhão become a symbol of courage and for justice for survivors of child sexual abuse.


By becoming aware of a large number of Brazilians who are unhappy with the choices that made Xuxa become successfull in life, besides the fact that she was sexually abused, I believe that this new proposal presented above, would be more appreciated by our people. 

So, I suggest that by reconsidering the date of the ceremony of the signature of this law, that you could announce to all the Criminal Justice branches of Brazil, the extension of the invitation to those corageous survivors which are exemplified above, to present themselves voluntarilly to the Departments of Prosecutors of their States, for the selection of their names by the CPI of Pedophilia, for this oportunity of historical recognition.


It is time to end the priviledges to the same few who are chosen under the dismiss of those who deserve equal opportunities and recognition. This, whould be really based on human rights and justice. Why usually only the rich and famous deserve preference to be honored in this country?

I believe that the Brazilian people would support such a FAIR decision, having in the official ceremony of the Law Joana Maranhão, besides the signature of our swimmer and corageous survivor, having also the signatures of other 99 victims and survivors of child abuse who legally accused their offenders in different States of Brazil, to complete the number of signatures for the  “NUMBER 100”, the DIAL COMPLAINS phone number against child sexual abuse. This is my suggestion.


I invite you to visit the website “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles”, where you will find the history of a work of awareness going on for almost a decade, as well as the publication of this letter for the public knowledge of the people who follow the efforts of this survivor along the journey in time, waiting that our represetatives really bring conditions of justice and recognition for the many victims and survivors who did not corrupt themselves to be able to rebuilt their lives, at the same time that we protect the future generations. 


I take the opportunity also to remind you that, because of the “Progressão de Pena” (parole) for hedious crimes, conceived during the government of President Lula in 2006, the pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher is now free to abuse children all over again, and like it happened to me, those children will keep in silence for the long years to come.

In practice, the slogan of Senator Magno Malta which proclaims “The end of impunity, jail for the pedophiles and guaraty of safety for our children”, is having many problems caused by the government itself to become a success.


Thank you for the opportunity to express the opinion of a Brazilian citizen and survivor who keep fighting against child sexual abuse, without conflicts of interest.




E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r

Author of “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles” (www.r-eap.org)






"There is no freedom of the spirit, without the recognition of the inner truth."


If anybody has doubts about my point of view expressed in the letter above, maybe the image below which is running the internet,

can help people to remember what was done to generations of children in Brazil along the years, to end the confusion in their minds.


Picture: Xuxa, dressed as a host during her TV Shows for children in Brazil.

With no doubts, one image which is worth more than 1000 words.


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