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Christmas 1974  


I will share now how I was made to humiliate myself on a Christmas night by my own father, a pedophile who indulged himself while he made me entertain him for his sexual arousal, with the objective of abusing me later that night.


"It was Christmas Eve of 1974 and I had just become 15 years old.

We were all celebrating Christmas in the old timber family house where I grew up in the countryside of Brazil. We had a big natural pine Christmas tree in the living room which was decorated with many lights and glossy colour balls hanging between golden garlands and silver shinny fairy hair.

A landscape of Bethlehem was suited to accommodate the figure of Jesus laid placed between Mary and Joseph, surrounded by shepherds and the animals which always created a magic atmosphere that would enchant my heart with the expectation of purity and the dream of true love, trust and forgiveness that is believe that we are all born with.


It was the best night a child soul living inside, whatever is the person age, can dream about and Santa Claus just left the presents under the tree while we went out to the garden for singing traditional Christmas songs.

We were all opening our gifts and there was lots of colourful wrapping paper around the room. My brothers and sisters were all so delighted with their gifts...and my mother was preparing a delicious and beautiful Christmas dinner.


I was happy that I got the new bikini I had chosen in the shop days before, but I was afraid that my father could ask me to exchange it for another model of his choice.

So, I went to try it in my bedroom as I wanted to have the approval of my father to make sure that it was not too revealing and that I could keep it. We were always asked by my father to show him all the clothing we wanted to buy or to wear to go out. He was always trying to make sure that we would not withdraw attention of other men for the way we dressed.

I was always more worry about feeling inadequate about my skinny body and I also wanted to make sure that nobody would think that I dressed like a prostitute because I had a very low self esteem about myself, was getting worst by the abuses from my father. But at the same time, like all teenagers, I also wanted to have something that would make me feel good about myself.


When I came out from my bedroom, my father asked me to walk around in my new bikini, so he could see it better. I noticed that he could not take his eyes of my body and he was not shy to express how beautiful I look in that bikini, which was a burgundy in colour.

I fell appreciated and happy because I always thought I was so ugly because I had always been so tin all my life. I didn't like to wear skirts or dresses, because I didn’t want people to see how tin my legs were.


My father though that he could have a better view to analyze if the bikini was actually good enough to keep it, if I would get on the top of the living room coffee table in front of the couch. So, he asked me to stand there, while he inspected, while he made his own placement adjustment to the pieces.

He decided then, that he would allow me to keep the bikini if I would dance on the top of the table, since we have music playing in the sound system.

He offered me some of his beer he had for the night as well.

I was happy because I could keep my Christmas gift and I started dancing. The more beer he gave me, more enthusiasm I had to dance.


When my mother came to the living room, she thought that this was not an appropriate dressing for a Christmas night and that it was also not suitable for a girl of my age and like me to behave in such a fashion.

I was just 15 and as I was learning so many distorted values from my father I didn’t know limits for acceptable behavior and my father was very quick to convince me that my mother was jealous of my beautiful body and that she would not look as good as me in that bikini.

As I have been brainwashed by my father for years to believe that my mother didn’t love any of the children and especially me, because according to his views, she was jealous of the closeness between him and myself. So, I had no problem in believing what he was saying.

In my views, he was in a position of trust and in denial of what could come next. So, I kept dancing in the top of that table with no censorship and he was really enjoying watching the view.


My brothers and sisters were also watching my show and my mother started to feel very uncomfortable for the way I was dancing, holding on her kitchen apron with both hands with such desperation…

She kept saying that it was time to stop it, because it was Christmas and this was not the type of thing a Christian Catholic family would have for a Christmas celebration. She suggested that I should go to my bedroom and get changed to the beautiful dress I was wearing before.


My father started laughing at mother and making a mockery of her, telling her to go to the church to pray for her sins or to lock herself into a nunnery.

He asked me than, if I would enjoy to dance dressed in a bikini like this in a night club, in the front of other men, if he would take me there.

I was not sure of what he meant and I answer that I would feel ashamed of doing such a thing.

He kept drinking his beer and waking around me like a wolf.

I started to feel inadequate because I was not sure anymore if I was doing the right thing. The idea of the way he was seeing me, making him imagining me dancing in a bikini for other men made me feel like I was offering myself like a prostitute.


The scene and lack of respect for such a Holy occasion, made my mother become very upset to the point that she went to cry in her bedroom, saying that I was out of my mind.

Even though I stopped for a while, my father kept on going assuring that I could keep dancing on the top of the table, but after a while I end up getting down from the coffee table and getting dressed for dinner.


At that point I felt guilty for spoiling the Christmas night and I had problems to eat dinner as I started feeling dirty for imagining myself like a prostitute for what I was doing. This event also made me think that I had committed a sin in such a Holy occasion.

All I wanted was to be appreciated, because I had always felt so less of a person. I never allow myself to enjoy my look in the mirror and to like my body because I fell so disgusted and guilty about what I had to do to please my father and all the secrecy I have to keep and which got me to feel a lot of doubt about myself as a person.

That Christmas night, I was made to humiliate myself like a sexual object to attend once again my father request for pleasing his perversion and desires, arousing him and getting ready for the sexual abuse I had to endure later on in the night, when everybody was asleep." 



         "HOPE LINGERIE Teachings"  and  Pedophilia

Te exposure of my own experience is to create awareness for adults who wish to protect children, about how pedophiles can act and how they take advantage of the most unsuspected situations to make their victims to accept to behave the way these maniacs want.


I was reminded of the disrespect my mother was treated by my father for expressing her concerns and values, when journalists, politicians and many people made a mockery of Minister for women issues Iriny Lopes, who was made ridicule for trying to set limits for the “Hope Teachings” TV campaign, due to the humiliation it set for women.


When I watched to these commercials with my own God Daughter Gisele, who was teaching something on television that I had to do myself in the past I felt disgusted to be reminded how I was made myself a sex object in front of my family, when I had to please a pedophile in order to be appreciated and to be allowed to keep something I wanted for my personal self esteem.

I wonder how many women can relate to this experience and who many pedophiles will ask young girls to present themselves in underwear or in a bikini on Christmas night, as according to Hope commercials they assure that this is the “RIGHT WAY”, so these perverts can abuse their victims later!

A pedophile like my father would not be shy to go around the relatives homes and take advantage of children telling them:


"You are my favor niece...So, if you want to see the beautiful gift Santa Claus brought for you...you have to show me what Gisele teaches on TV, how it is RIGHT..."


Everybody would have a good laugh about uncle Rogerio's good humor jokes, as so many of them think that he is actually such a good heart man who was a target of such a great injustice ...But, I don't have to remind people how the story ends...


Please find below the interview I gave to Kerri-Anne, in the most popular Australian national TV program, telling why I launched a campaign against “Hope Teachings” with my God Daughter Gisele Bundchen.




Kerri-Anne Interview










As I made my point at Kerri-Anne interview, it is not right to teach women and children to corrupt themselves, with all the information that was presented so far, it shows how it creates great opportunity for pedophilia. 

I also want to make clear several issues that would be appropriate since I had to identify who I am, to clarify some doubts people might have about my actions:  


·   -I had no intention in the past, to present myself as a relative and God Mother of Gisele Bundchen, in order to benefit from her name. I have my own value, personally and professionally.


·   -I didn’t want to be related to her name too, because I didn’t want to create a “distraction” about my real intentions and rights to stop the abuses of my father.


· -I also had never an intention of destroying the career of my God Daughter, as family members and others claimed to try to discredit me and to obstruct justice, told by those very ones who helped and supported my pedophile father in court and helped him to be set free.


· -I did not have intentions of involving Gisele in the cases of abuse that my father had done. It was not her business, but mine, as it was my right to the victims I knew, to get justice. (Information about the conviction of my father is in the article “LAWYER EXCLUSION” on this website)


·  -I never had the expectation of involving Gisele in my campaigns of against child sexual abuse as well, since the time I released this website. All I expect was to receive human compassion to a private and personal level, from the God Daughter I loved so much and from who I treasure so many loving memories of when she was a child. Sadly, I have to say that I got another bitter sample of personal betrayal.


· -I don’t believe that Gisele is the right person to help campaigns against child sexual abuse or to front any campaign which involves children, because she has chosen to become a sex symbol.


·  -I had no expectation that she would try to redeem herself due to my protest. She had many years to do it and she showed that she didn’t wanted.


· -It was never an intention of telling my story to make money. I am not the one who seeks material possessions and who is getting rich for what I am doing.


· -I take the opportunity to say that none of the interviews I gave to the mainstream media in Australia or in Brazil, were given under payment conditions. My sole intention has always been to share my knowledge with others, to create awareness for protecting children, to help in the healing of adult survivors of child sexual abuse and to achieve justice.


· -I have also not given any exclusivity of rights to be interviewed by any media companies. 



Besides all the reasons appointed above, now I have no other choice than identifying myself publicly because Gisele crossed the line by helping to damage all the good hard work and honorable intentions of so many people around the world, who have been trying to create awareness to stop child sexual abuse and I have to take action against the destruction she is promoting, because I care. This, is a defense action.


I still think that Gisele has all the rights to be a sex symbol and to decide what she likes and believes that she should be doing with her body and for how much money she charges to take her clothes off to pose in nude for whoever she chooses, as far as she doesn’t do it in front of children.

I have to say that a sex symbol is not a good and healthy reference for the education of children and even less for setting preventive behavior for protecting children from sexual predators.

Like Brazilian TV presenter Xuxa and other models, she has been posing in nude and she is teaching non desirable sexual references for children. The role she is playing is helping to create confusion in the minds of children because her example first destroy children’s innocence by teaching them to behave in a sexual way, for latter try to overwrite this destructive action with a good deed of showing them how to plant trees.

The intention is that the sexual example doesn’t look so bad, isn’t it? Good try!!!


Those who create the role for what she is performing know very well what they are doing and how to lure most people to fall for it.  

By doing something good, she is assuring that, what she teaches in the sexual way is also accepted.

My father used to play the same technique. This is the very trail of pedophilia, to make the victims to accept and appreciate their predators.  Abuses are followed by presents and helpful assistance in other matters. So, the victim thinks that she is loved.

Comparing in parallel situations, two very opposite roles are used to make people to accept anything that is planned for Gisele’s role in helping to corrupt humanity, because her success, fame and popularity, places her above any suspicion.


I cannot comment if she realizes so far that she is being used for, but it is not different of the way like other models and actresses who have been doing it for all these years.

They are put on the public spot as a sexual object, getting rich and famous under conditions they all have to meet.

It works in the same way my father and other pedophiles put their victims in secrecy, to be slaved to do whatever they want, in exchange for keeping the gifts we are promised or offered.

It has become very clear for me that Gisele is helping those who want to destroy important things most people cherish for the good of humanity.

But, how far she will have to go, and what she will have to do, to pay back all this money she is being promised to become a billionaire…this is a good question…

Like with victims of child sexual abuse, those who wish to be free and rebel against the controllers, they lose everything. But those who accept to play, doesn’t matter what they have to do, they are rewarded with privileges and material possessions. The principle is the same…but the money is too god isn't it?


However, even though I have an understanding of what is behind all this, it does not mean that I have to accept it.

As an adult, and now as a mother, Gisele’s action is still irresponsible.

She has shown a non caring attitude when she crossed the line and she started to help to promote favorable conditions for pedophilia.

She has being disrespectful for what I went through, by helping those like my father who hurt children.

I have the right to protest against it and to create awareness to help people to wake up for what is being set in place to cause damages to their lives.


E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r (God Mother Lisi)




You can watch my Christmas appeal on U-Tube


Please, help to protect the children


Merry Christmas!









The time is always right to do what is right . (Martin Luther King Jr.)






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