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         Interview given to The Sunday Mail (Qld)  

         Published in 30 October 2011, News, Pg 13



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Model Gisele Bundchen's godmother slames her advertisements for degrading women.





           Author: Paul Weston

    Source: The Sunday Mail -The Courier Mail Website (Qld)

    October 30 2011 


LETTING THE FAMILY DOWN: E l i z a b e t h  N o n n e n m a c h e r says her goddaughter Gisele Bundchen's new ad campaign (inset) which explains how best to break bad news to your husband is degrading to women.  Picture: Luke Marsden. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)


Model Gisele Bundchen walks the runway at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in New York Source: AP

SHE'S the multi-million-dollar supermodel who leaves millions of fans worldwide weak at the knees with her raunchy lingerie shoots.

But Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen has failed to impress her Australian-based godmother.

She's launched a campaign against her famous relative's risque advertisements, claiming they degrade women.

E l i z a b e t h  N o n n e n-m a c h e r, 51, who campaigns on the Gold Coast against child sexual abuse, has launched an online petition against the model's Hope lingerie commercials.

Ms Nonnenmacher says she's spoken out to fight for women's rights. Until now she has never publicly revealed her family link with the world's highest paid model.

Bundchen is one of the richest women in the entertainment industry with an estimated $70 million fortune.

"There is an image portrayed of Brazilian women, we are easy to take to bed, we prostitute ourselves too easily, we are sex objects, this is not true," she told The Sunday Mail.

"My goddaughter unfortunately is helping encourage these views."

In the Brazilian advertisements, Bundchen removes her clothes in a bid to distract her husband from financial bad news.

The Brazilian Women's Rights Secretariat was last month unsuccessful in having the "sexist" ads banned.

Ms Nonnenmacher has since written seeking an appeal of the decision by the Brazilian advertising agency to allow the advertisements to be screened.

Ms Nonnenmacher is the models' godmother and a cousin, her father being older brother to Gisele's mum.

She admits the pair have a strained relationship.

The university-educated professional, who holds Australian citizenship, cherishes mementos like a card from 1994 where Bundchen wrote:

"A big special kiss from your goddaughter, who adores you."

They were last photographed in 1995, happily chatting before Ms Nonnenmacher left for Australia and Bundchen to New York.

"I'm not doing this for revenge," Ms Nonnenmacher said. "She is stepping into my field where I'm campaigning."




Note from the author of this website:


The author of this website appreciates the interest of the mainstream media in giving the opportunity for the interview above, for the purpose of creating awareness about the impact of the influence of celebrities like Gisele Bundchen on the behaviour of people around the world.

However, the newspaper published partial content of the interview regarding women's rights issues only, not including the emphasis the interviewed made about the dangers of the sexual behaviour influence of recent HOPE lingerie TV commercials on children and such advertisement consequences for the action of pedophilia.

Also, the interview show my first name misspelled with a Z instead of  an S and the address of the site "R-Evolution Against Pedophiles"

(www.r-eap.org) was not made public for readerís reference and internet search.


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