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I ask The Department of Public Prosecution of Brazil to urgently appeal against the CONAR (National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation Department) decision to free HOPE underwear TV commercial with Gisele Bundchen because this ad stimulates sexual behaviour in children at the same time that it helps to denigrate the image of women.

I present this public petition, to assure that no conflicts of interest of other spheres of power arise along the way, which could sabotage your action and jeopardise reasons for the appeal for the banning of the commercial with CONAR.


It is revolting to know that besides CONAR minimized the rights of so many women to claim against the corruption on Brazilian society, Minister Iriny Lopes, who presented the petition for censorship, was exposed to ridicule.

No woman should be to made to look ridiculous for defending the rights and dignity of other women!


I cannot support a type of sexist propaganda like this HOPE commercial which subtly induces people to accept this type of behavioural retrocession in adults and SPECIALLY because of the non desirable reference of behaviour for children.

I am the Godmother of Gisele Bundchen, and because I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and violence against women, I am also an activist against abuse towards women and children and so I have a genuine reason to come forward to present this protest.

I cannot keep in silence, while my Goddaughter is unfortunately participating in marketing campaigns which promote the degradation of true human values, exposing children to be educated by TV to be stimulated for the imitation of the behavior suggested, making them believe that they should take their clothes off to resolve difficult situations in life.


Because there is a convicted serial pedophile our family, her example will damage all the educational and awareness campaigns I worked on for so many years for the ending of child sexual abuse in our own family and the creation of awareness for the protection of children in society.

I have to acknowledge that there are other inappropriate ads in Brazil besides this one from HOPE, but this is one has serious issues that clash with principles I defend, with problems in our family and for sure in the families of many others too. What can be interpreted as a joke by adults, is something very serious when it relates to the influence over children.


Children of today are the adults of tomorrow and they are watching and learning with the examples of people who are in evidence. Adults and children will follow the “teachings” of this commercial and the family relationship of this Top Model will directly and strongly affect any child within our relative’s families.


We all have the responsibility to reject what does not suit us and we have the duty to help to educate others so they can learn to perceive the influences of the marketing industry and the mind shaping fashions for the mass population control which affect specially children. So I ask you to please intervene to stop This TV commercial for the benefit of Brazilian people and the protection of children.


I believe that, besides offending the "Statute for Protection of Children" (Estatuto da Criança), the commercial does not meet the principles of CONAR in Art. 221, which require:

I – reference for educational finalities, arts, culture, and information;
IV – respect for ethical, social, personal and family values.


-The suggestion that people should strip their clothes off in difficult situations and seduce others, is not a good reference for education within the principles of protection of children, so it doesn’t attend CONAR principles.

-The suggestion of sexualised behaviour of adults on mass communication vehicles encourage and stimulates such a behaviour in children, creating  favorable conditions for manipulation and abuses in the family and society. This helps the action of pedophiles because the family and the children do not learn the limits of acceptable behavior to protect children from sexual abuses. So the commercial offends item IV as well.


Brazil is in the second place in the statistics of sexual exploitation of children in the world, leaded by Thailand and commercials like this one of HOPE has to STOP because, they contribute for the action of pedophilia, and so it affects the well being of all population of our country.

As a woman and a survivor of child sexual abuse, I feel offended by HOPE commercial and I am supportive to all those who protested against this type of advertisement and to the right of Brazilian society and the children not to be influenced for early sexual stimulation.


No woman should be seen as an object nor contribute for the embarrassment and influence of other women or children to be subjected to degradation and sexual servery. Sex and sexuality are not an asset for exchange but a free choice, done with consciousness and responsibility.

We don’t need and don’t want that Brazilians are seen as sexual objects in Brazil nor in other parts of the world and we also don’t wish that children are educated to follow this label. We are worth much more than this.



Thank you in the name of women and children who suffer the consequences of sexual exploitation and early sexualisation.



Sincere Regards,


E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r

The Author of “R-Evolution Against Pedophiles”




"Please, help to create consciousness, to improve the world we want to have."








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