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Retired Justice Prosecutor - Born in Lajeado, RS, Brazil, in 24/05/1934.

Rogério Nonnenmacher grew up in São Bento, countryside of Lajeado.

He studied in Salvador do Sul, RS to become a catholic priest, up to the eve of his congregation.

His first job was as a radio-spokesman in the 50’s and also as a school teacher, latter on he also graduated as a lawyer.

Rogério Nonnenmacher became involved in politics in the 60’s and he was elected for a City of Estrela’s legislative representative seat. He kept in politics for many years and he was a candidate in several electoral campaigns, which includes Major of Estrela and Lajeado cities, as well as for state and federal deputy between the 70’s and 90’s.

His political connections got him appointed for director of State Government Media Sensor Department, in the early 60’s and director of Government Newspaper (Corag) in the 70’s.

Rogério Nonnenmacher became a Justice Prossecutor later, in 1976 and has been retired since the early 90’s.


Rogério Nonnenmacher started abusing children sexually early in his life.

As the older child of a family of nine, he abused sexually children from his original family. He also molested teenagers and a child from his wife’s family.

He is married and has six children with his wife and two daughters registered outside his marriage, officially known so far.

Rogério Nonnenmacher had committed the most serious acts of child sexual abuse as a father, by abusing even his own children.

So far, I have the confirmation that he had abused nine people in their childhood, including sisters, sisters-in law, relatives, and his own daughters, including myself. I also suspect that he had abused an approximate number of sixteen people, all together, just within family members. He abuses more than one person at the same time, during a long period of time, usually lasting for many years, and he does not stop with the abuse until the victim has grown enough to be able to get set free.

If he runs out of victims, he seeks another one, even by procreating again, as he has done more than once in the past. So, he always has children under his power and dominance.

His preferences are confirmed to be young girls but I believe he has also abused boys, because of same circumstances of behavior that I recognized.

I also believe that Rogério Nonnenmacher would abuse anybody who is defenseless, whenever he has a chance, since I heard that he was caught having sex with a female dog on the family property.

He has also “helped” needy people in the community, in the position of a Justice Prosecutor, so he could approach their children and teenagers, to get new victims.

Rogério Nonnenmacher is the perfect example of what a serial offender of pedophilia should be described as.


As a husband and father, he was always and still is authoritative, aggressive and over controlling at home. I remember him, showing disrespect and offending my mother, regularly, in front of the children, relatives and even strangers, since my early memories in life. With the children, his word was always an order not to be challenged or discussed. Dialog was not a part of our family vocabulary and any disobedience would end up in verbal and physical aggression. He behaves within extremes of aggression and love, depending of what he wants from people.

On the other hand, Rogério Nonnenmacher shows a completely different face or personality in public, especially when involved in politics.

With relatives, he is always very helpful and a trouble saver, especially with the ones that have problems and have small children he could take advantage of.

The real Rogério Nonnenmacher does not care about the feelings or needs of anybody else but himself.


This statement is true and based on experiences that I have lived.

I am not the one to destroy my father.

He is the one that has done it and had caused so much devastation.

I am just bringing out his true face.


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