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I don't get surprise anymore with the signs the Universe have been sending...

Several months before the fact happening, I didn't know how to interpret a dream I had , in which I was about to get in a ship to go home after a big storm and I was reading the boarding recommendations list, which had as the first clause included the numbers 10 of 6.

I spent the following months thinking of "What would be the meaning of those numbers"?


When I started receiving messages from friends in Brazil, with the link about the news in the Brazilian legal website Espaço Vital, I suddenly remember that dream, but if those numbers were supposed to be that date of the Month of June, this was not right!


The news about the case which shocked everybody who was asking "Why would a case of such proportions have been suppressed by the big media for so many years?", it has been brought to the surface once again.

The pedophile Rogério Nonnenmacher, was about to be voted for exclusion from the "Lawyers Professional Board of Brazil" - OAB, due to NON-INTEGRITY, there is, as somebody IMMORAL who cannot practice the Law profession.

The images below were captured from Brazilian legal website Espaço Vital, for reference and evidence of the information published about the news.









"Non-Integrity, or not, for lawyer convicted of sexual abuses against his own daughter?"






In the end of the same week the news came out, we had an ASCA meeting (Advocates for Adults of Child Sexual Abuse) in Brisbane, Australia.

In this occasion, I told about happenings in Brazil  and I shared the dream I had months earlier.

People congratulated me for getting the previous conviction of the offender and they cheered for the addition of another victory to be achieved.







"OAB-RS  decides today about (Non) Integrity of Lawyer from RS convicted of pedophilia"








But, when I read the news I shared with other survivor present , one of them made a remark saying:


-"Elisabeth, are you aware that this is happening TODAY, in the 10th of 06?"


People look at each another with eyes wide open, in a silence which sent me shiverings along the spine.

My jaw dropped! I was astonished with such a coincidence and I understood the meaning of my dream.




The comment of Lawyer Vera Petter, expressing her indignation and expectations, while she provides

information about the legal document number (7001205779) for the conviction of Rogério Nonnenmacher,

showing evidence and a legal reference, for those who are still not sure about it.


In the same day of the voting in Brazil, overnight in Australia, in the 11/06/2011, I stayed up with other survivors drinking vine and watching the internet, to get to know the result of the decision of OAB in Brazil.

When I got the news firsts hand, I screamed: YES!!! Other survivors around wanted to share solidarity and we lifted our vine glasses to make a toast to this victory which they acknowledged belong to them too.

That night, we all went to bed happy, feeling that another step was climbed in the latter of justice ...








"OAB-RS excludes lawyer convicted of pedophilia"



Finally, the news of the exclusion of Rogério Nonnenmacher from the Lawyers Professional Board in Brazil became official on the internet.

To make sure that  Espaço Vital website would not be subject to pressures from people who have conflicts of interest, I decided to break the silence about the identity of this pedophile before the voting, as one of the victims. My witnessing is acknowledged by the news publication below.








Espaço Vital NEWS


"OAB-RS excludes lawyer convicted of pedophilia"




The Sectional Council of OAB-RS (Lawyers Board of the State of Rio Grande do Sul) declared today, Friday (10) in the afternoon, the integrity of the lawyer Rogério Nonnenmacher (registration nº 71.032), because of his criminal conviction – already released by the judge- to a 14 years of imprisonment, in a initial seclude reclusion. He is a retired justice prosecutor and he is 77 years old.


The decision was unanimous by 54 professional board counselors. The integrity to practice law should come with the decision of at least 2/3 of the judging members.

Rogério can still appeal to the Federal Board of Lawyers of OAB. Only after the administrative decision is made he will not be able to practice the profession.


The victims of the criminal offense - in the state of Rio Grande do Sul Justice - were two daughters who Rogério Nonnenmacher had outside marriage. He is a retired Justice Prosecutor who had his professional office in Lajeado (RS), where his conviction was made. Once accused, he had to respond to a legal suit, which during the case, other 36 people were witnesses besides the victims.The accused was even given order for preventive imprisonment.


Last week, one day after Espaço Vital brought up the news about the case which was "forgotten by the big media",  E l i s a b e t h   N o n n e n m a c h e r, one of the daughters of the accused, made contact with Espaço Vital and she posted the following comment:


 "It was not due to a lack of public exposure and requests for help that the case of this pedophile was suppressed. Please investigate more deeply and you will find the connections of this criminal. The silence of the big media can be is explained. Besides I respect the rights of privacy of other victims who are now adults, I assure my right to identify parts of the text quoted as my copyright and I invite those who wish to know about my fight against pedophilia, to visit the site R-Evolution Against Pedophiles (www.r-eap.org)."


Currently, granted with parole benefit for fulfilling 1/6 of the period of jail sentence and because of good behaviour in prison, Rogério Nonnenmacher was given a relaxation to a semi-open imprisonment to be fulfilled in the GOE (Group of Special Operations Jail) of the Civil Police Department in the State Capital of Porto Alegre-RS. He is applying now for the extinction of the conviction in the jurisdiction of Criminal Executions Courts of Porto Alegre/RS. The Department of Public Justice Prosecution has already expressed opposition to such benefit. (Legal Process number 30770-0)


As OAB-RS voting session was secret,  Espaço Vital cannot disclose further information about the discussions of the board assessment. The decision was confirmed by an official note given by the entity.



Details of the criminal process


* The sentence of 10 years and 15 days was given against Rogério Nonnenmacher, in 03 April 2006 by Judge Ramiro Oliveira Cardoso, from the jurisdiction of the city of Lajeado, RS. The Department of Justice Prosecution and the defense lawyers of the accused appealed to the decision. (Legal Process. number 20400029710)

* The condemnation was confirmed by the 8th Criminal Justice Chamber of The State of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS) in 28 February 2007, but with an allowance for majority of votes for the request of Department of Justice Prosecution to seek a larger time of imprisonment. The decision was made by State Superior Judges Roque Miguel Fank, Marco Antônio Ribeiro de Oliveira e Fabianne Breton Baisch. (Legal Process. number 70015488547).

* The accused appealed regarding overtime  spent for the sentence, presented in 24 August 2007, but the majority (of 4x3) the 4th Group of Civil Superior Court of the State of Rio Grande do Sul consolidated the sentence to a longer time of 14 years and 22 days in jail. The decision was given by High Level Judges Sylvio Baptista Neto, Fabianne Breton Baisch, Roque Miguel Fank, Marcelo Bandeira Pereira, Naele Ochoa Piazzeta, Mario Rocha Lopes Filho e Alfredo Förster. (Legal Process. nº 70020739603)

* Denied request for special evaluation, which resulted in interposition of the sentence, was given by Superior Federal Court (STJ). The sentence was written by the Justice Ministre Arnaldo Esteves Lima. (Legal Document- Agr. nº 1.018.590).

* No appeal was made to the Supreme Federal Court Tribunal (STJ)


Note from OAB/RS

In their website, OAB-RS make public that "They stay alert and vigilant, not admitting that their members have behaviours which are affronting to the ethics of law practice".

The entity adds that "Evaluations referring to lawyers excluded from their board, who are no longer allowed to practice law, are made secret by legal determination up to the time the decision is finalised".

According to OAB-RS board president Claudio Lamachia, "It is a condition for the practice of law that the lawyer should have moral integrity".

With the exclusion which happened this Friday, OAB-RS has excluded 11 lawyers from their registration board in the last months.




With the exception of the Cities of Estrela and Lajeado, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) in South of Brazil, where the news would not pass unnoticed because people tell it over the grapevine, local newspapers published the intention of OAB excluding a local lawyer, without naming Rogerio Nonnenmacher.

After this, no further news about the matter was published. The result of OAB voting, which was of grate interest of the population, was not made public. Depending on the Brazilian big media, the identification of this pedophile with continue in hiding, the same way legislators in the Brazilian National Congress don't care about voting projects for new laws which can bring justice to adult survivors of child sexual abuse such as the one which carries the name of Olympic swimmer JOANA MARANHÃO.


As soon the news of the exclusion of Rogério Nonnenmacher from OAB was made public by Espaço Vital, it was spread over the internet like fire in a dry straw.

A large number of Brazilian legal blogs and also some private ones followed it, by extracting the news from Espaço Vital. Several people posted their support to OAB decision, their expectations and disgust about the cover-ups of the case in these blogs.


The choice is yours! If you really wish to get informed and educated, you should always question the truth of what you watch on TV and read on the newspapers and you should do your own research about the facts.

Refuse to accept the main stream media as your only source of information, making use of free and independent media on the internet.

Help to show people the power we can have when we unite! 




I wish to express a big THANK YOU and to congratulate the person  who finally took the initiative  to bring the attention of something that  the "Lawyers Professional Board of Brazil"   OAB took so long to realise within their own principles!

A sincere "thank you" to Espaço Vital, for breaking the news of the story many tried to hide.

I want to thank as well to all those who manifested support to this challenge which belongs to so many who cannot find a voice to defend themselves or to claim for justice.

This is another victory for people who survive child sexual abuse and which will bring benefits to the Brazilian people, as well as we hope this helps to build more solid foundations for the good of humanity.



“Those who are honest and who have good intentions, have nothing to hide.”







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