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Australia had the premiere of the film SILENCE, in the Gold Coast, in the 16th November 2006.

Instead of focusing in the world of celebrities and millionaire production costs, this film shows the theme of child sexual abuse.

The premiere happened in Roxy Cinema, in Movie World and had the presence of people who worked in the film, as well as sponsors, especial guests which included members of organizations that work for prevention of child sexual abuse, volunteers and the press.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, as a member of ASCA and author of the website R-Evolution Against Pedophiles, I had the privilege of being invited to watch the release of such an important film.




Special Invitation for The Australian Premiere of SILENCE.



SILENCE is a short film, produced by the Australian movie producer Craig A Kocinski, from Locust Valley Films, in the Warner Bros studios in the Gold Coast, Australia and the film was exhibited in the 2006 Cannes Festival.

The theme of the film is focused in an incestuous relationship between father and daughter and it is part of the project “Break the Silence”.

The objective of this project is prevention and protection of children and teenagers who are exposed to child sexual abuse, to teach them to defend themselves and to seek help.


Besides the speech of movie producer Craig Kocinski, we had also heard the survivor Leigh St John, speaking as international ambassador for the film, Hetty Johnston, from BRAVEHEARTHS and ASCA patron Prof. Dr. Freda Briggs.

Hetty Johnston, reminded people that “Child sexual abuse is everybody’s responsibility” and she stressed the importance of “Encouraging children to seek help, by offering guarantee of support and safety to those who tell that they suffered child sexual abuse.”


The film SILENCE IS the first trial of exposing the theme of child sexual abuse to the public as a “necessity to protect children”, as says the producer Craig Kocinski, to try to stop people from getting embarrassed and blushed when they have to face the subject. The producer expects to get people to discuss such a social taboo subject more openly, to help stopping the stigma and labeling towards survivors of child sexual abuse, by using the film to show the vulnerability and conflict lived by the victims.


The producer referred to ASCA, Australian organization which I am a member, and also to BRAVEHEARTHS, for research and contact with survivors of child sexual abuse, so he could reproduce a realistic situation lived by the victims.

Craig Kocinski was also very receptive, by listening to suggestions and comments we made about the film and he told us that it is his intention to produce a sequence of other films of equal nature, to continue focusing on this theme and to have more opportunities to explore further situations, consequences and difficulties in the eradication of child sexual abuse.

When I had the chance to speak with Craig in person, he was very interested in getting to know about the seriousness and extent of child sexual abuse in Brazil and about the impact that SILENCE could have in this country.


At the end of the night, Craig said thank you to ASCA survivors present at the premiere, for having the privilege of having us there for so long into the night.

Without hesitation, I put my arm around him and besides the emotion, I was confident to say:


“Thank you Craig! Thank you for all the nights YOU spent awake working to produce this film! People like you help us to open other people’s eyes, by transmitting to all those who will watch your film, the drama of survivors of child sexual abuse. You are helping us through this film, to make that other people understand us.

It is so good to know that there are movie producers like you, who acknowledge the importance of creating awareness and educating people to prevent new children from suffering the same we did when we were children.”


The author of this website with movie producer Craig Kocinski

 at The Australian Premiere of SILENCE .

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