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Women of many countries went out for a march at night to demand respect from men.


The protest march ‘Reclaim the Night’ , against violence towards women, happened on the 28th of October and happens every year at the end of October, in the Commonwealth countries, which started more than 20 years ago in England.


The title refers to the fact that the majority of women are victims of violence at night.

Women claim their right to be respected by men and to feel safe, either to go out alone at night to the streets as well as to stay in their own homes.


It is at night that aggressors who are fathers, brothers, husbands, friends and work colleagues, become violent, rapists and even murderers.


It is generally at night that women suffer discrimination to their rights of social or sexual choice. There are many men who are prejudice, labelling or referring to women who go out alone or with other female companionships at night, as being ‘sluts, easy to get, prostitutes or somebody who is looking for trouble’.

Women have the same rights, like men, to come and to go, wherever they want to go, whenever they want to go, alone or with whoever they want as a companion, without being intimidated, approached, abused or to suffer any kind of violence because of this.

Women have the right to choose their right to socialise, to work or to stay at home in an environment of respect, independent of their age, education, profession, social or marital status, political attitude and spiritual or religious beliefs.


It is not only in the streets, being exposed to strangers, that women suffer violence. Most of the time violence starts at home.

A man who abuses women either emotionally, physically or sexually in the streets, work or at home, also comes from a home or environment where he learned to reproduce this type of violence.

The aggressions women suffer in adulthood or the ones they had endured in childhood have started also in their aggressor’s childhood!

For many women, the acceptance of violence also started in their own childhood, by watching other women in their families become victims of domestic or social violence, or becoming victims themselves.

Because of this, it is so important to educate today future generations to break the cycle of violence.

The boys of the present, who are the men of tomorrow, as well as the men of the present, have to learn that women do not accept to be subjected anymore to the “culture of violence” that these men learned to think as something that is normal or ok.       

The march I joined once again, happened on the border of the states of Queensland and New South Wales, within the localities of Coolangatta and Tweed Heads, in the urban area of the Gold Coast. The event has been organised every year by the 'Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence', and the same service centre from NSW.

I want to acknowledge the importance of the support and encouragement for my own healing, received from such organizations and community services.





The pink T-Shirt I am wearing in the photo is the English version of the ones I sent recently to Brazil as a donation to raise funds for the creation of support groups for survivors of child sexual abuse.


Women marched through the streets with posters, making a lot of noise with speakers, whistles and being loud in protest against violence of men towards women.





Besides the march “Reclaim the Night’ is done by women and children, there are many respectful men who support the march by walking outside the group along the footpath, holding banners and posters as shown.



Before the march, many people gave speeches, for which I was one of the guest speakers.

This was the second year I participated in the “Reclaim the Night” also as a speaker.


I spoke again as a survivor of domestic violence and child sexual abuse and I reminded the spectators that, two years ago, in 2003, I made the announcement that I would launch the internet website “R-EVOLUTION AGAINST PEDOPHILES”, to show to the world the face of the monster who abused me and also abused many other people.

I reminded everyone of my objectives of encouraging people to react against sexual violence and to make the Brazilian authorities take action to lock my father up.


This year, I came back to tell my objectives achieved so far.

The crowd cheered me up with screams when I lifted my arm in a sign of victory to announce that my father has been in jail for more than a year and that his victims are free and that in the jail cell, where he currently is, he cannot make new victims.


I acknowledged to people present in the event that, how many children who I even do not know, but who are free from being molested by my father and also by other pedophiles because of the awareness I created 2 years ago by telling my story to the public. It was a very good feeling to be able to acknowledge this…





I also spoke about my trip to Brazil in 2004 and my intention to return there in 2005 to promote continuity to awareness and to give support to survivors who want to seek freedom and emotional healing.

As an acknowledgement for my speech and participation, I got the certificate of appreciation above, which made me very happy.


The video below shows my final talk, where I quote a statement from the famous American psychiatrist and TV presenter Dr. Phil, in which he says that “child molesters are like monsters who live in the dark” and because of that, we have to bring this subject to light for discussions, to tell people that there is help and there is hope, so people can heal.




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Maybe people will listen, if we make a lot of noise about things that are "really” important

 to help and to rescue people’s wellbeing!





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