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The preventive imprisonment of Rogério Nonnenmacher, which happened on the 19th of August of 2004, was cancelled by the criminal judge of Lajeado, Ramiro Cardoso in May 2005. This news shocked all those who were betting on justice.

Because of the chaotic Brazilian legislation, if convincing evidences are not presented to justice, there is a big possibility that this pedophile will be living back in the communities of Estrela and Lajeado.

(1*) Such a fact shows that the judge gave more importance to the lack of confirmation of abuse by the youngest victims, or the ones who still could provide accepted legal evidences to condemn him, instead of the long history of crimes of pedophilia that cannot be punished anymore.

(1*) However, what the law does not recognize as evidences, will not change what Rogério Nonnemacher really is: A SERIAL PEDOPHILE.

Apart from getting released by the judge in Lajeado, Rogério Nonnenmacher is still locked up, because he is also under preventive arrest due to another accusation of child sexual abuse in the city of Estrela. (1*) The fact that there is another accusation of the same nature against him, should have been sufficient for the judge of Lajeado not to cancel his imprisionment.


I would like to offer my support and solidarity to the good will of those who maintain focus in their convictions to claim the damages for the victim in the city of Estrela.

It is ironic that, so far, maybe this victim is the only hope to get Rogério Nonnenmacher condemned for his crimes, as it is not a relative that could be under his emotional blackmail.

(2*) I ask these people to please not give up from seeking justice and also financial compensation, which is the victim’s rights, not only because of the circumstances this person was abused, but also because nobody can bring back  the lost innocence or delete the damages committed that will stay for the person’s life.

I would like to bring awareness, once again, to the authorities to protect this victim and the person who seeks justice, from indecent financial proposals that Rogério Nonnenmacher’s sisters and one of his sons are doing, to avoid the condemnation of such a pedophile.




I would like to alert the victims, especially those who refuse to help justice, that if Rogério Nonnenmacher gets free because of these people’s complicity with him, these people will have to live a reality even worst than the one they used to live before his imprisionment.

One thing is right: Once he is freed, Rogério Nonnenmacher will abuse again and control these victims who today protect him. Everything he used to do in the past, he will do again with even more arrogance than before. These people can deny this to others, but they will not be able to run away and they cannot mislead themselves.

Unfortunately then, those who today protect him will be alone, unprotected and also MISBELIEVED. Then, they will have back the REAL NIGHTMARE, which they have so much fear to expose now. Instead of having just to TELL about it to authorities, this time these victims will have to submit and feel in their own flesh, being CONSUMED by the monster that today controls their minds.

Imagine then, what is waiting for them, if with the consent of justice, Rogério Nonnenmacher becomes free to feel even more powerful, and to do what he wants with them…

While he expects to receive the victims support, he looks after them with promises, and something distorted he calls love. On the other hand, when he gets what he wants, these victims will be alone in the arena with the beast and they will have to do what HE will impose on them. No heritage money or any material rewards from him or from the “Rich Auntie” who today supports and pays the legal costs of her pedophile brother, will free these victims from slavery, because the chance they had to claim justice and compensation that would guarantee a future with dignity, as well as their freedom, was wasted by the victims themselves.




How, people that today feel repulsed by the possibility of having such a pedophile back in their community will be able to live with such rubbish?

How will people who have the hope to mirror themselves in this case, with the expectation of claiming their own cases of abuse will feel, if somebody like Rogério Nonnenmacher gets free?

Who will still believe in justice?

Do not sit there waiting until somebody does something! Enough is enough!

Please, get together to promote protest marches, debates sharing of opinions in the media. BREAK THE SILENCE NOW! The communities interests should be heard because law and justice should be used for the people and not against them!

People can place messages in my site, in case newspapers cannot publish them.

I guarantee that the names of anyone denounced, involved in or corroborate with Rogério Nonnenmacher will be kept in the Guestbook. There is nothing else that can be taken from me, that has not already been taken. I have nothing to loose.

Besides this, people have the right to freedom of speech, for a free and fair society, for you and for your children! So, REACT WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME!


Seek help with your congress representative for support and to propose changes in the legislation, to avoid other fiascos to be repeated in the future with other victims.

I’m offering to participate in ideas and projects to help make these changes happen. I’m offering to return to Brazil to help, if I get offered conditions for it.


I ask that if there is somebody who knows of the existence of any victim of Rogério Nonnenmacher, who is still under the age of 18, who has not claimed child sexual abuse yet, PLEASE go and seek help at the Women’s Police Stations of Lajeado or Estrela, to help to keep Rogério Nonnenmacher locked up.









2005  FIG-1*_The image below, shows the news from the local newspaper "O Informativo" (The Informative), in the occasion of the parole of the preventive imprisionment of Rogério Nonnenmacher in May 2005, in the City of  Lajeado - RS, South of Brazil, telling about my protest against this decision.






Lajeado 31st May 2005 - Year XXXVI -Number 7757




Accusation against retired prosecutor

Daughter makes an internet manifestation sustaining her father is a serial pedophile.


Andreia Rabaiolli


Archive picture: In October last year, Elisabeth lead a street march for manifestation against sexual abuse.


Lajeado - Internet users from the region of the Taquari Valley are receiving e-mail messages from a person original Lajeado, who is living overseas, accusing her father - a retired prosecutor- of sexual abuse.

E l i s a b e t h N o n n e n m a c h e r created the website R-Evolution Against Pedophiles (www.r-eap.org) with the purpose of spreading awareness and campaigning against child sexual abuse - from which she claims she was a victim -  and to protest against the possibility of her father being released.

Elisabeth who lives in Australia, released a campaign against her father last year in 2003, sent claims to the Criminal Justice Prosecutor of Estrela  revealing that her father is a pedophile. In the police report sent to justice there are details of the supposed crimes  - which started 40 years ago - against nine family members.

Due to the repercussion of the events, Elisabeth came to the region last year to give her statement to the Criminal Justice Courts. At the time, she also was involved in a street march manifestation.


Elisabeth's accusations had a State level repercussion. Many questioned her authenticity, including family members. Others supported her. In 19th August last years the preventive imprisionment of the retired prosecutor was make official.


Cancellation of imprisionment

Ten days ago, the accused had his imprisionment cancel by the justice branch of Lajeado. Judge Ramiro Cardoso based his decision on the facts that two of the daughters who were supposed to be victims, did not confirm the abuses.


Elisabeth released a manifestation alerting the community: "The judge gave more importance to the lack of confirmation from the youngest victims statements, who could still provide evidence required by law to frame him for conviction, than to his long history of crimes of pedophilia, which cannot be legally punished anymore."


Elisabeth however stressed that, what the law doesn't recognise as evidence, does not change the fact of what her father is: A serial pedophile.


Besides the release by the judge of the Second Criminal Branch of Justice of Lajeado, the accused prosecutor is still in jail because he is also charged of the same type of crimes in the City of Estrela. "The fact that there is more than one accusation of the same nature against the accused, this should be enough for the judge of Lajeado do not revert his preventive imprisionment." stated Elisabeth on her website.  


The accused is in a special prison cell in the Palace of Police in Porto Alegre. Now everything depends on the statements of the other victims, for him to be released or stay in jail. The court case of the City of Estrela is under justice secrecy protection and the sentence should be made public soon.


(By the website author: SEE REFERENCE-1* note in my original text above, in this page)





2005  FIG-2*_The image below, shows part of the South of Brazil newspaper "ZERO HORA", at the time Rogério Nonnenmacher was ordered by the State Superior Courts, to go back to prison in 2005.








JUSTICE : State Superior Court accepts Justice Prosecutors appeal to return criminal back to cell in State Capital in Porto Alegre.


Retiree accused of sexual abuse returns to prison.

Letidia Duarte


After spending more than a month free, the 71 y.o. retiree accused of violent indecent acts against family members, went back to prison in Porto Alegre.


The decision was from the State Superior Courts, attending the appeal of the criminal public prosecutors of Lajeado.

Arrested for the first time in 2004, the accused was charged by violent indecent acts against two teenagers and a woman, from Lajeado and Estrela.

One of the evidences used by the prosecutors to ask for the reclusion was a subject of an article of Zero Hora newspaper under the title Break the Silence About Child Sexual Abuse, published in 16 May.

According to Police Sheriff Marcia Scherer,  the accused  man would have abused of more than seven people in four decades. The majority of the cases could not be included in the police inquire for the case, because of the law, they could not be punished anymore because of the long time. The first crime would have happened between 1958 and 1959.

In July this year, the retiree was made free after the State Superior Courts allowed him parole. In May the Judge Ramiro Oliveira Cardoso from the second criminal branch of Lajeado, had already signed his release, for considering that the accused did not offer risk to society ( at the time the accused continued in jail because of another similar case in the City of Estrela) Judge Cardoso based his decision on victims who later denied the abuses.

This last Wednesday, three Superior Judges, signed the return of the accused to prison.

-The Courts acknowledged all the evidences which involved the abuse. The decision will be used as a Justice reference for other similar court cases.-Said the justice prosecutor Ederson Luciano Maia Vieira from Lajeado.

The Police Sheriff Marcia Scherer celebrated: -This imprisonment is a milestone.  

The accused was taken to the Special Operation Group (GOE) special prison in the State Capital of Porto Alegre and he denies the accusations. The case became public in December 2003,when the older daughter of the accused created a website on the internet to tell about the sexual perversions of her father.

-I ask victims to please not give up from seeking justice and also financial compensation, because nobody can bring back the lost innocence or delete the damages committed - wrote the older daughter, in her website.




The name and profession of the accused are not make public to preserve the identity of the victims.


(By the website author: SEE REFERENCE- 2* note in my original text above, in this page)





-The child you had abused in the past, or you are abusing today, could sometime in his or her life, tell people what you have done and let everybody know what you really are.

-This person, once so vulnerable and hopeless, will grow up and get stronger.


-I hope you have learn here, what can happen to you, if your victims decide to follow my steps…






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