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I want to acknowledge and say thanks for the cheering that my friends and other people have expressed in the Guestbook.

I regret that I cannot answer everybody’s comments individually, but I want to say how much I appreciate it and how important it is to receive encouraging words from people that love me, those that know my integrity and so many that support what I am trying to do for others. Such messages always give strength and help to stimulate those that are fighting for a good purpose, especially when it represents difficult changes.


I see many people wishing me success in this objective, but I would like to remind everybody that this fight is not mine only, because what happens in my family happens in many families, including the community where I come from.

Everybody’s active participation and communities mobilization is as important as my initiative. A “National Hero” does not exist, but it is everybody’s duty, for everybody’s well being.


I also want to express that, those people whose comments have opposite points of views from mine are also important, as they enrich focuses of attention to be discussed or clarified in amendments to this site and future projects. Such opinions illustrate very well the pressures survivors like me face when trying to change patterns of behaviour. This all helps to make people comprehend better, the attitudes that contribute and perpetuate child sexual abuse.

However, messages containing swear words will not be accepted and will be deleted from this site.


For those that question, why it took me so long to expose such a denounce, I would like to say that, it was a result of emotional blackmails and threats I suffered during the years that I was close to my family, while I was living in Brazil.

I think it is good that people can now see with their own eyes, the reference I made in the Information Education page, by  appointing as examples certain messages posted in the guestbook to offend, vilify me and try to make people misbelieve in the work of the consciousness that I am trying to do.

Those reactions do not surprise me and are not new to me. I was threatened so many times in the past, in case I would expose that my father had abused me, that I was told that I would be target of whatever accusations those people could imagine to do against me, to try to demoralize me. It would be my word against those people’s words.

I know that these messages, besides that they have fake names, are coming from my father and people that help to protect him, to intimidate me. This type of terrorism was constant during all my life while I lived in Brazil! So, you can see the type of LOVE that my family have to offer and the reasons that led me to stay away from them forever.

However, by leaving Brazil, I admit that I felt a coward, because I lived in the conflict of saving my own skin, without being able to do anything for people that were under my father’s power, because I did not have the support to do otherwise. This was what used to take my sleep and peace away!


Like me, the majority of survivors go through the same problem and they feel powerless to take action!

Because of this, it is so important that people become mature to be able to make such an accusation. It takes many years to make somebody free from this type of repression. This is why I stated that Brazilian law does not protect the victims of child sexual abuse, but protect the pedophiles. Because, victims that are within the period that they can lay a complaint, would not be strong enough to bear the pressure.

Now, people can have an idea, of what we go through when we try to bring up an accusation of this nature. A child or a teenager, does not have the emotional structure to put up with blackmails coming from those that should be helping them, such as family members, and also from the pedophile himself and his lawyers. So, the majority of victims end up giving up and withdrawing the complaint. Because of this, is why there are so many pedophiles hidden within communities and free to continue making new victims.

I would like to say to survivors that, like me, are looking to make changes: Do not give up from doing the right thing. Always REPORT pedophiles to authorities, when you get to know and can help a victim of child sexual abuse. Even though, this will bring no benefits for you. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Make children’s safety a priority!


I request that the press, search and publish once more, the number of complaints of child sexual abuse that has been claimed in a court of law, which did not result in justice, because the adults responsible for these children decided to withdraw their accusations. I believe that the number of cases that result in prosecution and taking the offender to jail do not reach even 3%.

Because of this, people should start a signature petition or an electronic listing to be spread through the internet, requesting legislative authorities to change the Brazilian law. So, hideous crimes such as child sexual abuse do not have a limitation of time for complaints. This way, victims can make a claim of being abused at any time of their lives, resulting in getting pedophiles put in jail.

Even though some survivors do not have the intention to lay a complaint for their own benefit, this can be used to help and protect victims that are still under the age of 18 and that do not have emotional strength or support to move a court case.

Do not do it for yourself only, but for the victims that are still fragile and that have not reached maturity yet.

Do it for the future generations!


Thanks to you all.


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