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Since this site against child sexual abuse was launched, many people might have questioned the authenticity of such accusations presented, as well as the reasons and its objective. Many messages of support were addressed, and also some diverse opinions and even a trial of defamation to my person were placed.

Even so, an immense number of silent people also visited this site. I guess that many of them might have felt doubt because they did not know what to think about it, due to lack of knowledge about the matter, fear of exposing themselves, to have their opinion judged, repeat opinions already stated, doubt  about my integrity, lack of hope about changes or even just not caring regarding the matter.


However, independently of opinions from the majority’s way of thinking, the attitude of those that have power of decision, to take necessary actions to achieve objectives targeted, was the most important piece of the puzzle, so far obtained.

Without the support of people directly involved, who were ready to support me with the complaint I addressed to the prosecutors of the court of justice of the City of Estrela, RS in Brazil, in October 2003, potential victims referred in this manifestation would still be under the domination and risk of abuse by Rogério Nonnenmacher.

I am referring to the statements made by two of my sisters and one of my brothers, as mentioned by one of them in the guestbook, to support the truth of my accusations to the court of law.  Without these statements, the authenticity of such abuses, as well as my mental sanity would unfortunately be a doubt for many people.

Even though, many years of our lives were wasted and unrecovered, as much as relationships were spoiled through time, does not matter the reasons and justifications, the important thing is that one first step in the direction of a positive action was taken ahead, to fight abuses done by my father.


Rogerio Nonnenmacher lost parental legal rights and is now hind from contact with his most recent registered daughter so far known, who was registered in 2003. This happened due to accusations made by myself, resulting into a conjunct action moved in the court of law by prosecutors, with the support of two other daughters and one son. Together, we witnessed a long period of child sexual abuse history, done by our father, to people in the family. I would like to thank and acknowledge the prosecutors actions, from the court of law, in the cities of Estrela and Lajeado, who’s conducted legal action, in secrecy, and have taken necessary provisions, possible under Brazilian legislation. This was the only available action to be taken, there is, to put a possible victim under age in safety, because Brazilian law does not grant past victims over the age of 18 and six months to claim child sexual abuse they had suffer in the past.

Unfortunately, once a possible victim is safe, many others are still kept under risk, because the problem was not completely solved and neither prevents the offender to strike again. Apart from having justice denied to all the victims, our society in general has lost too. As mentioned previously, I would like to remind people again that pedophiles assaults happen in secrecy and they manipulate their victims emotionally so no help is sought, as well as these victims are induced to deny the abuse if it has been brought up by somebody else. This situation creates difficulties and obstructs measures that could fix the problem once and for all.

In the same way, I would like to confirm again that a valuable opportunity of removing Rogério Nonnenmacher from contact with potential victims was wasted due to interference and sabotage of court cases by family members that insist in protecting such pedophiles. So, because Rogerio Nonnenmacher was kept free, defenseless children and teenagers were at risk of being abused in the latest years, as well as valuable witnesses that could have helped to prosecute him, were also corrupted by him.

I have been asking myself: How many new victims would have to arise, until people that could do something to support me to end such a type of violence, would realize their mistakes…


It is vital that those that have the same problem in their families could learn with the events that happened in my family, and become conscious that:


The only ones who benefit from those who neglect or conspire to sabotage those that try to end child sexual abuse,

are the pedophiles!


 Look to the future and ask yourself if, one day, how many of you could be in the uncomfortable shoes of those that made such mistakes like the people in my family.


-Change your attitude while there is time, because you live once only. Do not leave what has to be done today for when there is no way back. And do not condemn those that got traumatized by your actions, because they cannot trust you anymore.


-Ask yourself, what level of life quality do you expect. Live in honest relationships, especially for yourself. Appearances do not bring happiness, neither solves problems.  Your complicity with the abuser will only bring you loss.


-Do not think that the world will end or that you will be responsible for destroying your families or other people’s lives, if you decide to expose child sexual abuse. The pedophile is the one responsible for it! Child sexual abuse happens in families that have already been destroyed, because they have a pedophile within them. The abuse is what destroys, not actions taken to stop it!


-Rescue whatever is still possible to be fixed, while there is time to do it. Do not push the problem through years or decades. Take action now! By acting you will avoid the destruction from keep going on! You get much more by spending your energy to help victims than with pedophiles that cannot be rehabilitated.


-Do not wait for the confirmation of new victims and don’t use children as bates to make sure that the problem is still going on, because once somebody has been abused, this is something that this person has to deal with for life.


-So, if there is something that you can do to prevent or to end child sexual abuse from happening in your families, do it before it is too late.

Alone, I would have to fight a battle that for many was considered lost for a long time.


The union of those people involved, is what strengthens them to take decisive attitudes, to obtain success in achieving positive results.

Help each another against child sexual abuse.


-Mirror yourselves in the way of a great woman, for whom I have lot of respect, and who has done a lot for humanity, whose words I would like to quote:


I know that my work is a drop in the ocean. But without it, the ocean would be smaller.”  (Mother Teresa from Calcutta)


Thank you, in the name of survivors and victims of child sexual abuse.


E l i s a b e t h  N o n n e n m a c h e r







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